Meanwhile, back in the colony of Caracastan: Vamos Bien! Requetebien!

Raul Castro y el titere de Niclas Maduro

Yeah, vamos bien (we’re doing swell).  Requetebien (we’re doing super-swell).

Venezuela’s Ministry of Truth might as well borrow those tired slogans from the colonizing powers in Havana.

The colonial periphery of the Castro empire is starting to look like a clone of the imperial center.

Three cheers for 21st century socialism!

First cheer:

From Business Insider

Venezuela can now barely keep the lights on

Already buffeted by widespread violence, crippling shortages, and skyrocketing inflation, Venezuelans will be confronted with a new burden in the coming weeks: nationwide electricity rationing.

The government of President Nicolas Maduro said last week that a plan to ration and otherwise adjust energy usage would go into effect to address increasing demand, which has been spurred on in part by a recent rise in temperatures in the Caribbean country.

The measures of the rationing plan include reducing workday length for some public officials to six hours, requesting that private firms increase their electrical efficiency, and the inspecting of factories and malls to ensure that they comply with reduced-consumption goals.

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Second cheer:

From The Wall Street Journal

Why MLB Teams Are Fleeing Venezuela
Concerned about security, costs and hassles, clubs increasingly are taking their ball and going home (or to the Dominican Republic)

Tucked away among the tilled plots and scrubby pastures of this rural town, the Seattle Mariners’ baseball academy is mostly abandoned. The weight room has been cleared of machines. The numbered locker-room stalls are bare.

One afternoon last week, a grounds crew pulled out bases from the main field while workers packed away a few stray trophies, bats and uniforms. But the teenage prospects who shared bunks here just three weeks ago are gone, shipped off to a newer school in the Dominican Republic.

The Mariners are the latest Major League Baseball team to pull out of Venezuela, leaving only four such academies in the country, down from more than 20 in the late 1990s. The steady exodus is a byproduct of rampant violence and, more recently, widespread political and economic turmoil. And it is endangering one of the country’s most visible and valuable exports outside of oil: baseball players.

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Third cheer:

From Agence France-Presse

 Venezuela to nationalize food distribution amid escalating economic crisis

nezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has promised to nationalize food distribution in the South American nation beset with record shortages of basic goods, runaway inflation and an escalating economic crisis.

During a rally Friday, on International Workers’ Day, the socialist leader allowed a union activist to ask for the nationalization of food and essential-item distribution.

Citing new decree-making powers recently granted by the National Assembly, Maduro said he would carry out such a measure “in the coming days and weeks.”

Maduro had pledged earlier in the week to announce economic reforms.

Various estimates suggest the government already controls about half of the country’s food distribution, but that hasn’t stopped record shortages in shops and markets.

Venezuela is struggling with a recession, 68.5-percent annual inflation and severe shortages of the basic goods that it relies on oil money to import.

On any given day, people in Venezuela can wait hours to get some subsidized milk, cooking oil, milk or flour — if they can be found at all.

Maduro’s government is strapped for cash in the face of a global supply glut that caused oil prices to collapse by more than 50 percent between June and January.

Nonetheless, Maduro also announced a 30-percent increase in public wages on Friday.

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Caracas of the future
Caracas of the future

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  1. For a country with the resources to be doing at least as well as Norway to be imploding this way, I mean, WTF is wrong with this picture? Answer: the people, or to be more specific, Latrine dysfunction running full blast. The spectacle is like a roadkill on a massive scale. Seriously appalling.

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