Russian Reporter robbed in Baltimore (Boo-Hoo)


But while watching the robbery of this proud spokesperson for the heirs to the Soviet Empire, who can blame any Poles, Czechs or Lithuanians for laughing? While watching the attempted “nationalization” of this Russian crypto-communist’s property, who can blame any Hungarians, Ukranians or Latvians from snickering? While watching the brief “expropriation” of property from this apparatchik for a KGB colonel’s propaganda organ, who can possibly blame any Bulgarians, Estonians or Cubans from erupting in malicious mirth?

This same RT, after all, makes a habit of belittling and scorning the victims of the Soviet Union’s historic orgy of pillaging and murder. Vladimir Putin rules the remnants of an empire founded on slave labor and stolen goods; from Ukrainian family farms to Czech steel mills to Polish textile plants.

You’d never guess it from the frequent soft-soaping of KGB colonel Putin by such “champions of private property” as Ron Paul (a favorite RT guest), but Putin’s RT media is the propaganda organ for the heirs of modern history’s biggest pack of murderers and thieves.

Our friends at Frontpage Magazine help put some of the recent events Baltimore events in proper perspective.

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  1. So, unless the word “No” is cut out of the photo, the employees of Cuba’s best and most famous department store supported its nationalization (read theft) by Castro, Inc. Like lambs to the slaughter, as they say. Before long, there would be no store, no jobs and no “encanto” of any kind.

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