Clairvoyant on Communism: Jimi Hendrix. Four million Indochinese lives matter, John Lennon

“Pero que tipo mas descara’o!” (says the gentleman on the right. “Who knew my image made for great duck-hunting camo?!”)

“The Americans are fighting in Vietnam for freedom. As soon as they move out, they (the Indochinese) will be at the mercy of the communists. Of course, war is horrible, but at present it’s the only guarantee of peace.” (Jimi Hendrix 1967, Electric Gypsy p. 387)

So what happened when the Americans “moved out”–when “peace was given a chance?” See below:



See what happened when “peace was given a chance?” John, Yoko, Tim, Tommy, etc.? Indochinese lives actually matter, especially four million of them at the hands of communists. And those pictures above you show what “we we’re ‘fightin for,” (to prevent) Country Joe Mc Donald. But we know you: “Didn’t give a damn…next stop is Viet-Nam!”

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  1. And no, those responsible for the US losing a winnable war NEVER took responsibility for the consequences, and never will. They managed to sabotage the war effort, and that was plenty good enough. It’s very useful not to give a shit about anyone or anything except what you want, so that any and all “collateral” damage is simply ignored or rationalized away. Fidel Castro, of course, is a great example of that. Such behavior, of course, is typical of the left, as one can plainly see in the cases of Baltimore and Detroit. Unfortunately, even the victims give the responsible parties a pass, so of course there’s no incentive to behave any differently.

  2. Am I missing something here? Those skulls have nothing to do with Vietnam; they are a result of the Pol Pot regime in Cambodia. The U.S. was not fighting on the ground in Cambodia. We were bombing the supply route for North Vietnam which went through Cambodia, with the permission of King Sihanouk.

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