“Mean ‘Ole Uncle Sam diplomatically snubbed and cruelly isolated poor little Cuba!!!” Right? ( Part XIV)


For years a bullying Uncle Sam imposed a mean ‘ole diplomatic embargo on poor little snubbed and heartsick Cuba, right?

But recently a newly enlightened U.S. announced a dramatic, inspiring and positively HEART-WARMING “diplomatic opening!!!” to poor little previously “diplomatically isolated” Cuba!!! Right?


Well, turns out that there are no plans to increase the size of the U.S. diplomatic staff in Havana. Why?

For the simple reason that it is almost physically impossible to cram any more people into the (already for years) largest and busiest embassy (by another name) in Havana!

Here at Babalu we’ve had already made great sport of this item. For years the largest foreign diplomatic building containing the largest and busiest staff of foreign diplomatic personnel in all Havana belonged to the U.S.!


Leave it to the mainstream media to label this “diplomatic isolation!”



4 thoughts on ““Mean ‘Ole Uncle Sam diplomatically snubbed and cruelly isolated poor little Cuba!!!” Right? ( Part XIV)”

  1. Not only that, but the Cuban diplomatic mission to the UN in NYC is enormous. It houses 300 Cuban families that spend all day reaching out to American academia, the American press, and spreading noxious pro-castro propaganda all over the place. Yep, Cuba is isolated.

  2. That Oprah GIF reminds me that, by and large, it was white women who put her up so high and made her so rich, but I rather doubt the feeling was mutual. Naturally she played to her audience, big time, but that’s different, and I think it’s more like she played those women (who were indeed practically begging to be played, and maybe deserved to be). She did not, however, go for their favored presidential candidate in 2008, which was the beginning of her slide (though by then she’d made so much money that she could afford to disappoint her adoring fans).

    Alas, too many Cubans were also begging to be played once upon a time, albeit differently–and sure enough, somebody came along to do it. Somebody always does.

    And for what it’s worth, I never once watched anything close to a full Oprah show. A few odd bits were enough to tell me all I needed to know about her “phenomenon.” Of course, I’m a pretty odd bit myself, or so it seems. Don’t even ask me if I ever watched “Cristina” (who was an Oprah knock-off); I’d be insulted.

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