America’s first black president becomes the first president to endorse Cuba’s apartheid practices

How disturbingly ironic that the first black president of the United States ends up being the first American leader to warmly embrace and fully support the despotic and despicable apartheid of the racist Castro dictatorship in Cuba.

Via Capitol Hill Cubans:

Obama Endorses Apartheid Practices in Cuba

This week, the Obama Administration issued specific licenses to a handful of ferry companies to provide passenger travel to Cuba.

For years, the ferry companies have been lobbying Obama to license them under the guise of providing a more affordable travel option to Cuban-Americans, who wish to visit and carry merchandise for their relatives.

Except it’s all based on a lie.

Amid the media sensationalism, here’s a key fact they conveniently omit:

According to the Castro regime’s draconian edicts, Cubans are not authorized to board any vessel. This includes fishing boats, yachts, catamaran, jet-skis, etc. The only exception are Cubans married to citizens of another country, which can request a special permit.

Moreover, in contravention of international law, Cubans (regardless of where they reside or their nationality) are prohibited from entering their own homeland through maritime ports.

In other words, anyone born in Cuba (regardless of whether they are now a U.S. citizen), are prohibited from entering the island through a maritime port.

Castro’s Naval Command Center specifically states, “No Cuban is authorized to navigate in Cuba. The only exception are those married to citizens of another country, who must request a permit beforehand.

As if this weren’t insulting enough, according to Cubatur, the military-owned tourism agency, “Cubans — wherever they live — can’t be sold package tours that include a catamaran or a yacht. This is exclusively reserved for foreign tourists.”

Thus, the fact remains Obama is only licensing ferries to transport “people-to-people” travelers going on Castro-approved “cigar and salsa” tours of the island.

Wonder if Obama would have similarly found it acceptable to rub apartheid in the South African people’s face.

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  1. Capitol Hill Cubans don’t get the nuances of Obama’s Cuba policy, which is nothing but nuance. Hint: Apartheid, like any kind of injustice or oppression, is to be seen and judged in its context. Translation: It depends on who’s perpetrating it and/or who’s on the receiving end. In other words, it’s a relative thing, and whether it’s damnable or not depends on ideology or politics, not on any kind of moral absolute. Moral absolutes are for bitter clingers and such, not for the “progressive” crowd.

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