King Raul : “If the pope stays on the same path, I might join the Catholic Church!”



These are hard times.  Difficult times.  Among the most difficult of all in the fairly long life of this Catholic.

Pope Pancho had such a nice time with King Raul that he extended more time to him than to most of his visitors.

Yes, the Vicar of Christ is supposed to embody forgiveness, and compassion for the worst of sinners.  That’s his most important spiritual function.

After all, Jesus mingled with prostitutes and corrupt tax collectors and all sorts of disreputable people.  Moreover, the Gospel of Luke (5:31-32) records Jesus as saying: “It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick.  I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance.”

But today’s shameful display of “cordiality” was as far removed from repentance and the sacrament of penance as Pluto is from the sun.

King Raul did not emerge from the papal palace looking contrite or chastened.  He repented for none of his misdeeds, and instead emerged ebullient, enthused, victorious, self-satisfied, as full of hypocrisy as ever.

Meanwhile, Pope Francis did not look the least bit upset.  Instead, he looked downright jolly.

Here are some details, provided by ABC Spain.  I’m too stunned to offer comment, save for a few observations embedded in the text below (in red, to match the color of my tears).


¡Y usted rece por mí! (“And you, pray for me!”)  These were dictator Raul Castro’s final words to Pope Francis, as he left the Vatican today.

The meeting between the mass murderer and the Vicar of Christ lasted 55 minutes, one of the longest audiences this pope has granted to anyone, ever.

The visit was described as “cordial.”

Before he sauntered into his limousine, the tyrant said to reporters: “I’m very happy.  I came to thank the pope for everything he’s done to help fix problems between the United States and my kingdom (well… to be precise…. he actually said “Cuba” but might as well said “my kingdom”).

He also told reporters that he had conveyed to the pope all of the love that his slaves (a.k.a., the Cuban people) have for him and how much they are looking forward to his visit in September.

King Raul and the Holy Father exchanged gifts during this “cordial” visit.  The tyrant gave the pope a rare medal commemorating the 200th anniversary of Havana’s cathedral — of which only 25 exist.

The tyrant responsible for driving 20 percent of his subjects into exile also had the audacity to give the pope a contemporary painting by an unnamed Cuban artist that depicts a kneeling migrant praying on a beach, at the foot of a cross made from boats.

(Le Rrrrronca!)

The unnamed artist  — who was part of King Raul’s entourage — explained to the Vicar of Christ that the painting was inspired by a visit he had made to Lampedusa, the southern Italian island that has been flooded with refugees from North Africa.  One must assume that the artist said this with a straight face and that no one in the tyrant’s entourage dared to laugh — at least while they were inside the papal palace.

(Le Zuuuuumba al mango!)

Pope Francis gave Raul a copy of his book, “The Joy of the Gospel,” and urged him to read it because “he’d like some of the social stuff in it.” («algunas cosas sociales le gustarán»)  He also gave the tyrant — one of the richest men in the world and the sole ruler of one of the poorest nations on earth —  a large medal of St. Martin of Tours, to remind him of the obligation all rulers have to take care of the poor and to promote their dignity.  (St. Martin, a Roman soldier, supposedly gave half of his cloak to a beggar).

The murderous tyrant– who is responsible for breaking up millions of Cuban families and separating children from their parents and grandparents— delighted in presenting every member of his entourage to the pope, including his youngest son and oldest grandson, and he proudly told the pope “I’m now a great-grandfather.”

The murderous tyrant also joked with the pope as he presented some of his staff, including one secretary he described as “so efficient that  I’m going to have to take her from her current boss and claim her for myself.”

After his visit with the Vicar of Christ, the murderous tyrant met with Italian prime minister Matteo Renzi, and afterwards took part in a press conference along with him.

The murderous tyrant said to reporters: “I’m very impressed by the wisdom and humility of the pope.  When Francis visits Cuba, I will attend all his Masses.”

As if that statement were not sufficiently hypocritical, the murderous tyrant added: “I read all of the pope’s speeches.  If he stays on the same path, I might join the Catholic Church, despite being a member of the Communist Party, which once upon a time had no room for religious believers, but has moved forward on such issues.”

Read the entire article HERE (in Castellano)

For the Castro News Network (CNN) version of this story go HERE.



8 thoughts on “King Raul : “If the pope stays on the same path, I might join the Catholic Church!””

  1. Ah, the corrupt and remaining vestige of the Romam Empire known as the “Catholic Church”, still on the steady path of further debasing and discrediting itself. Then they wonder why more and more people are protestant, if not atheist.

    That said, can someone please explain to me why this alleged deity, the Pope, is smiling like such a starstruck c*ck-sucker at the presence of a vile, fraudulent, slavish, bloody, and egotistical communist scumbag?

  2. As a religious person, I am offended to my very core by this vile atheist mass murdering dictator mocking God, profanely violating I believe the 1st, and more especially the 3rd Commandment, which I agree with Dennis Prager’s interpretation, it’s about using God’s name in the commission of evil. Hell is too good for this monster.

  3. I didn’t leave the Roman Catholic Church, it left me. It was bad enough to see Pope John Paul II go to Cuba and shake the hands of these murderers, but the current Pontiff? Well, he’s just a fellow traveler… Disgusting.

  4. It’s OK, Carlos. The business speaks for itself, not to mention the photos, but the essence of the matter is old news; only the scope has changed–meaning the magnitude of the abomination has increased. This does not, of course, have anything to do with the true God, the true faith or the true church. This is, at best, about human blindness, and I expect not a little vanity. And by the way, score another round for the Jesuits, who were in charge of the education, secular and spiritual, of both Castro brothers in their formative years. Maybe they’ll get their Belén properties back, which should do wonders for Cuba (just as that religious medal should do wonders for Raúl’s conduct).

    Well, the players are very pleased with their game, and our little dictator is playing it to the hilt–and I thought Fidel was the clown, I mean actor, in the family. The usual suspects, naturally, are very much on board with the program. This is, I suppose, the apotheosis or fruition of the longstanding Latrine posture towards Castrogonia–and make no mistake, this pope’s nationality is very much a factor here. Prepare yourself for the spectacles the September visit will surely excrete, I mean provide. Nosferatu is probably getting his aptly black garb ready as we speak, and the First (and last) Concubine should be lining up all her spawn for presentation and photos for her scrapbook. Is this a Divine Comedy or what?

    As for Cubans themselves, whether the “noble savages” or “those people,” it is now established beyond all doubt that they are extras in this movie, bit players, not to say incidental objects. Evidently, it has been decided that they are either impervious to even the grossest scandal, or that they can be scandalized with no significant consequence. As for the odd exceptions, like Armando Valladares or the Payá family (and you, Carlos), well, one has to break some eggs to make an omelet. The minor pieces, like pawns on a chess board, are there to be moved as needed for the sake of the game, not their own. They are not, after all, bishops, knights, castles or rulers.

    Still, ultimately, the appalling disgrace, not to say obscenity, on brazen display here falls squarely on this pope and, by extension, on the institution he heads. Again, ultimately, God will not be mocked, even though Cubans are being subjected to what is, in effect, grotesque derision. This, too, will pass.

  5. The top and bottom photos say it all. The exultant bloody tyrant on center stage, after a life spent lurking in the wings, playing to the international press–and, like the saying goes, “el papel lo aguanta todo” (newsprint will bear anything). Indeed, the dictator has plenty of reasons to exult. Who needs terminally dysfunctional Venezuela now, with the US and the Vatican in the bag? And then the pope, in the background, like some sheepish, simple-minded bystander, basking in the glow of his celebrity guest and all the attendant attention, not a hint of discomfort or unease, let alone revulsion. Evidently, the pontiff is delighted with the progress of his Cuba policy, possibly more than Obama is with his. Lord, the nausea.

  6. Note the goon of a grandson, guarding the family franchise as usual. Well, why not? Both DNA and upbringing lead that way. What’s Bergoglio’s excuse? PCSD (Post-Cretina Stress Disorder)?

  7. Henry IV of France, a Protestant turned Catholic for political gain, famously said “Paris is well worth a mass.” Our vulgar and fraudulent little monarch is nowhere near that league, but he gets the idea. It’s closely related in principle to the “gay rights” farce, but hey, whatever works.

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