Aaah! North Korea, tourist paradise, just like Cuba!

Very safe and lovely North Korean beach
Very safe and lovely North Korean beach

Wow!  Double Wow!  Triple Wow!

It looks as if dictatorships have become immensely popular lately.

And it also seems that King Raul has inspired fellow dictator Kim-Jong Un to attract tourists, and to play up the “forbidden location” angle.

Get a load of this vacation deal being offered by the communist tour agency Young Pioneer Tours, which has been offering vacations in Castrogonia for a while:

Looking for a unique spot in the sun to spend your summer this year? How about laying, swimming or surfing at a remote beach that we can guarantee none of your friends have yet to visit? Come join us as we run our first ever exclusive Surf ‘n Beach Summer tour in North Korea.

During this adventure we’ll visit the stunning and gorgeous beaches of Wonsan and Hamhung located on the east coast, go for a camping trip up the iconic Mt Kumgang where the North and South Korean families unite, take a dip in Pyongyang, check out all the major sites of Pyongyang and the DMZ, as well as visit some of the most amazing countryside that the DPRK has to offer.

We will be enjoying some great food, BBQs and drinks throughout the trip, with us also having many opportunities to freestyle some meals by buying local produce from hard to reach sources.

And if simply sitting on the beach is not enough we will be supplementing the trip with chances to surf, hike, swim, play football, volleyball and generally giving you the vacation you want to mingle with local Koreans.

We strongly recommend bringing your swimmers! We hire surfboards for 50 euros extra for those wanting to catch some waves up in Hamhung!

Can the pope be blamed for this?  Perhaps.  After all, he has just blessed one of the worst dictators on earth.

Plenty of blame can also be assigned to the current occupant of the White House and a long list of other heads of state from the so-called free world, who seem to be competing for the same monster’s love.

But there is no getting around the fact that most of the blame can be assigned to the unethical jerks who love vacationing in repressive hellholes from which the natives can’t escape.

Party on, dudes!  Nothing beats a tour of Hell, or being waited on by those who are trapped in it.

And nothing beats being able to act like Dante at a cocktail party: “Hey, guess what it’s like in the third circle of Hell?”

Babalu has one question for Young Pioneer Tours: Do your North Korea vacation packages also provide customers with the opportunity of executing troublemakers and dissidents with anti-aircraft guns, and, if so, how much does that extra thrill cost?

Here is how one British newspaper –the one and only Daily Mail — is promoting this new trend.

Potential tourist attraction: Fire away at dissidents with one of these babes!

Fancy a beach holiday this summer? Look no further than NORTH KOREA

North Korea will not be at the top of many people’s lists when searching out the best beach holidays for the summer.

But if you do a bit more research, you may just surprise yourself.

Sand free of rubbish and waste material, and pristine blue waters are two of the key elements that can shape the perfect beach retreat.

And Young Pioneer Tours (YPT) believes their offering of a beach holiday in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) is just the ticket.

For £865 (€1,195) customers will be treated to a six-day (excluding travel time) ‘Surf ‘n’ Beach’ summer tour around Kim Jong-un’s stomping ground. 

Any reason to be fearful? Not according to Gareth Johnson, who runs the holiday company.

One of those beautiful sights available only in forbidden locations!
One of those beautiful sights available only in forbidden locations!

‘Because DPRK is such a strict society governed by strict laws and customs that means it is completely safe,’ the 34-year-old told MailOnline Travel.

‘I would say it is safer than walking down a street in London…

….’And for those who say we are funding the regime, I would say engagement with the country can actually open up a whole host of opportunities to see some truly beautiful sights.’

‘It’s all about respecting where you are, and the culture and tradition, which should be the same anywhere.’ 

Johnson has been running the company for eight years following a spell teaching English in China. YPT also hosts tours around China including in Beijing and Xi’an, as well as further afield such as Turkmenstan, Iran and Cuba.

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Hey, don't you dare forget my share of the profits, Kim-Jong, or I will turn you into Kim Chee.
Hey, don’t you dare forget my share of the profits, Kim-Jong, or I will turn you into Kim Chee.

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