A letter to Pope Francis on his role in supporting Cuba’s evil apartheid dictatorship

By Obie Usategui in the Canada Free Press:

Letter to Pope Francis


Your Holiness
Pope Francis
Apostolic Palace
Vatican City 00120

Your Holiness:

I am one of approximately one million Cubans, who, on a day like today, fled our homeland for good – a Caribbean island, who, discoverer Christopher Columbus, described as: “The most beautiful land that human eyes have ever beheld”.  That was Cuba.  That same island which on January 1st, 1959, would warmly welcome a cadre of bearded soldiers of fortune, dressed in olive green liveries, impregnated, still, with scents of killing fields; their chests radiantly covered with hanging crosses embodying the same church, which your Holiness now presides – crosses consigned to deceive the fanatical masses of indulging supporters, who gallantly praised the combatants as titans of liberty.

Yes, your Holiness, this was the same Cuba, whose promenades would rampantly turn to walls posting the deaths of martyrs killed by the liberators’ firing squads; the same island, your Holiness, whose prisons would shortly after the takeover would be turned into dungeons of torture; the same island whose plains and prairies would soon be filled with tears of mothers who had lost their sons and daughters;  one whose glimmers of faith, hope and courage, would soon turn into brutal cries of anguish and suffering; the same island, your Holiness, whose seas would soon become a graveyard wherein are laid to rest thousands of Cubans, whose only reason for dying was a bold desire to sever their ties from the sustaining tragedies that prevailed under an oppressive communist regime, led by two Cuban assassins, who, for half a century have cherished the agony inflicted on its people; the same assassins that your Holiness has sought to redeem while openly shaking their hands covered with the blood spilled by all whom they had cruelly massacred.

Yes, your Holiness, these are, so to speak, the same murderers who, today, your Holiness, has cuddled and embraced; the same who did not quiver to preach their gospels of hate for the your church, which today, gives these scoundrels, their redemption and undue clemency for all their transgressions, albeit, rewarding their misconducts as such, in spite of a lifetime of willful attempts to challenge and defy all canons of righteousness as those professed by the word of the Lord.  Yes, your Holiness, this oppressive tyrant, christened with the name of Raul Castro Ruz, is one of two murderous brothers whose legacy has claimed the lives of thousands of Cubans, hideously massacred and whose only crime, your Holiness, was that of professing their faith in God and their relentless hope to return to a homeland restituted of their despoiled liberties by those, who, your Holiness, treacherously and disingenuously embraces today.

I would strongly urge your Holiness, that on HIS next visit to our beloved island, HE would question his newly befriended dictator, regarding the “Remolcador 13 de Marzo” [13th of March Tug-Boat], wherein 33 Cubans were slain to death, inclusive of helpless women and children, killed by mercenaries of the same enforcer that your Holiness has now chosen to reach-out to, and, while doing so, has given the perpetrators HIS vote of sustenance and support for the villainous crimes committed.  I would also urge your Holiness, to question his newly found colleague regarding the merciless downing of the four Brothers-to-the-Rescue planes, piloted by fledgling young pilots, whose mission was that of rescuing their Cuban brothers and sisters venturing into the Florida Straits in home-made crafts defiantly made to challenge death in the seas while searching for freedoms denied them by the rats who, your Holiness, has seen fit to invite to the Holy City at the Vatican, in spite of the later unending crave to disparage and persecute members of the hosting church for the past 55 years.

Shame on your Holiness for betraying the pain and suffering of so many for so long, for the reprehensible role played by your Holiness while on HIS recent mission to abridge and uplift the Cuban embargo imposed by the United States in lieu of the cowardly threats continuously professed by the Cuban establishment, whose foremost objective throughout the last five decades was that of destroying those imposing the embargo if only because the enforcers, in fact, symbolized and represented the very same liberties as those embezzled by the Anti-Christ now tortuously subscribed by your Holiness.

Given your Holiness presumptuous desire to aid and abet the oppressed peoples of Cuba, why not direct such labors of love to questioning the Cuban tyrants on the hunger and miseries which ensued from the dictator’s choice to impregnate our beloved island with the inherent evils archetypal to that failed system better known as: communism.  I am also troubled that your Holiness’ contravened mercy offered to these villains may have very well been the result of a rather tangled perception, whereby your Holiness mystifies the roles of the victims and their enforcers, of the punished and punishers, the harassers and the harassed, the heroes and the anti-heroes,  to where your Holiness may have chagrined the essence of friends and foes, by daunting the first and charming the later.  A confusion which, I venture to say, your Holiness may easily put an end to, if willing to extend the expedited visits to the island, perversely designed to show your Holiness, selective and preferred perceptions wholly conceived to perpetuate your Holiness’ entanglement of HIS already twisted perceptions.

Yes, your Holiness, we wholeheartedly despise your antithetical posture challenging the dignity of all Cubans now scattered throughout foreign lands, or laid to rest in cold caskets of eternal stillness; we despise your contravention to all the blood spilled from the wounds infringed upon Cubans by your political kinfolk – those still clamoring to show the same crosses once used to shield the pervasive violations committed against the ongoing violations of human rights in our island, unable, however, to cloud our visions of your Holiness’ warped wishes of helping the peoples of Cuba, while contributing to furthering their slaughter and holocaust shamelessly sponsored by those now sanctioned by your Holiness.

While vehemently reproving your Holiness’ show of insensitivity towards the exiled Cuban communities throughout the world, we are further infuriated reminiscing on the memories that, earlier in history, there was another Argentinian, just like your Holiness; better known as “Che Guevara”, who also befriended the same coterie of tyrants, now kindled by your Holiness, to immolate the Cuban hegemony over their homeland and freedoms. The debauched example, set forth by your Holiness in the Cuban crisis, gives us reason to worry about the impact that such erratic example will bequeath on the faith we now profess to you and to our church.  I propose we all look up on your unbecoming model, as a nothing short than a true test of our faith, and that, as such, we forgive you as God forgave those who trespassed HIM, abridging their barbaric ways, while condescendingly assuming that: “they did not know what they were doing”.  In God’s image then, I now close this letter and propose to all that we, too, forgive his Holiness of all his wrongdoings, for HE, too, does not appear to know what he is doing. May God save us all.


Obie Usategui

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  1. Another vitriolic extremist foaming at the mouth, obviously, just like “those people.” Alas, this pope is plenty smart enough to have figured this all out on his own, and he went ahead and did what he did anyway. Do the math.

  2. Repulsive as he is, at least Cardinal Ortega lives in the lion’s den and could all too easily be under blackmail. What’s Bergoglio’s excuse?

  3. If this pope ever expects my respect, he’ll have to come clean on Che Guevara–squeaky clean. That’s the only dignified position a self-respecting Cuban can take.

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