Berta Soler: U.S. – Cuba talks not helping the Cuban people

The leader of Cuba’s Ladies in White at 2015 Oslo Freedom Forum denounces international silence on Cuba’s repression against the Cuban people:

Capitol Hill Cubans:

“We, Ladies in White, believe that these relations and conversations between the Cuban and U.S. governments will not be of any benefit to the Cuban people. And even less will it empower civil society, as President Barack Obama says. If no conditions are placed on the Cuban government, it will be more of the same or worse. We don’t see the U.S. government, the European Union, or Pope Francis, pronouncing themselves as regards the violations of human rights on the island, which is giving the Cuban government a green light to continue violating them.”


More in Spanish at Noticas de Cuba Hoy HERE.

And this:

Translation: EVERY 24 hours a woman is hit by the Security of the State. The difference: no one knows.

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