Photos of the day: Pizza in government-run tourist paradise

Castrogonian pizza

From Martha Beatriz Roque:

Further visual documentation of what kind of life Cubans have to endure.

A Cuban woman in Guanabacoa bought some pizza for five pesos and received the disgusting piece of crap pictured above and below.

When she complained and demanded a refund, those who ran this pizza establishment refused her request.

Instead, they yelled at her: “Nosotras no tenemos la culpa, vaya y quéjese con el administrador que es el que suministra los productos para elaborar las pizzas”.  (It’s not our fault, go and complain to the administrator who’s in charge of providing us with the ingredients that go into our pizzas.)

Yeah.  Long live the Revolution.   Long live revolutionary pizza.

Revolutionary pizza
Revolutionary pizza

Long live the upcoming tourist flood from the United States.

May all Americans who vacation in Cuba get pizzas like this one, or some other ordure du jour that’s even worse.

You wanna go to Cuba, Yanqui?…. then be ready to live like a Cuban.

Oh, but I forgot.  Excuuuuuuuse me!   You tourists believe in apartheid, and love apartheid.  Yeah.  Especially those of you who want Cuba to remain “unspoiled” by progress.  Sorry, excuuuuuuse me!  I forgot.

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  1. Shitty pizza is fine for noble savages, who should be grateful they get pizza at all. Those complaining must be CIA agents or “those people,” who are known to be hopelessly uppity. In other words, there is no problem here. Move along.

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