Top diplomat Jacobson rewarded for her extraordinary negotiating performance

Top negotiator of the year
Top negotiator of the year greets promotion with glee

Because she’s done such a fabulous job of caving in to dictator Raul Castro….

Ms. Jacobson will now be in charge of caving in to Mexico on a number of sensitive issues, such as uncontrolled migration, human trafficking, drug smuggling, and violence among rival drug gangs.

Get ready for the dissolution of that southern border, and for the Mexification and Cubanization of the United States.


From Granma Euro-Lite (Reuters)

Obama nominates State Department’s Jacobson as Mexico ambassador

President Barack Obama will nominate Roberta Jacobson, a top State Department official who has been leading U.S. talks to restore relations with Cuba, as the new U.S. ambassador to Mexico, the White House said on Monday.



2 thoughts on “Top diplomat Jacobson rewarded for her extraordinary negotiating performance”

  1. I’m telling you, Roberta’s on her way up. All she needs is a Dem president. I’ve seen low-level employees in two-bit clerical jobs make a better impression. Hell, I’ve seen more impressive cashiers at the grocery store. Well, it’ll give the Mexicans a good laugh, for starters. This is just sad, but she’s very much the right speed for this administration–wouldn’t want her to make her superiors look bad by comparison.

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