Cartoon analogy of the day

Okay, why is the obvious double standard depicted in this cartoon something not questioned or denounced by most of our intellectual and cultural leaders?



Because the double standard is not seen as a double standard by most of them.  Instead, it’s simply seen as an unquestionably “objective” observation.

Here are two more examples, by analogy.

signs 2

signs 3

And you don’t have to search very hard to find real-life applications of this double standard.

Just read the latest muck-raking anti-Rubio “articles” in the New York Times.

Or take another long hard look at Babalu’s favorite Oliphant cartoon, which appeared in hundreds of newspapers.  Mr. Oliphant and all those newspapers escaped unscathed.

Imagine what would have ensued if the cartoon had featured any racial, ethnic, or national characters other than Cubans.

The spoof on the left is only one of tens of thousands of possibilities, from Armenians to Zimbabweans.


4 thoughts on “Cartoon analogy of the day”

  1. I showed the Olyphant cartoon to a group who pride themselves for their moral superiority and the reaction was variations of “I see nothing wrong with this cartoon. It is true. Those Cubans gave us George Bush and he is horrible and they have a lot to answer for.”
    If anyone made such a cartoon about their group, they would be horrified but didn’t see the “irony” of their selective indignation. This was during Bush. I am sure they were all Obama voters, though, when the time came. That shows you the lack of clarity in their thinking.

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