Cuba’s democratic opposition left without support

Yes, another post about the lack of human rights in Cuba, not that anyone outside the Cuban community seems to care. Long ago, it was decided by the trend setters, the MSM, Hollywood, and the useful idiots of the world, that a cigar smoking mass-murdering psychopath and his band of thugs guilty of mass-murder, narco and human trafficking, and international terrorism are the ultimate in rebel hip coolness. How long will the love affair last? Probably until the vultures win the day and Cuba looks pretty much like any other third world hell hole tourist destination with boring retail chains selling trinkets in tourist areas isolated from the repressed poverty stricken locals. Just as it was in Apartheid South Africa, and is in Cuba today, except that with normalization the anti-American forbidden fruit thrill will be gone. Where’s the fun in that?

Durbin So. Africa sign during Apartheid era
Durbin So. Africa sign during Apartheid era
Cuban Police  reminding black Cubans they are not welcome. Tourists only.
Cuban Police reminding black Cubans they are not welcome. Tourists only.

Via Democracy Digest:

Cuba’s democratic opposition ‘has never been less protected’

cuba foranothercubalogoindexThe U.S. engagement with Cuba has produced no discernible political liberalization on the part of the Communist authorities, says a leading global civil society group.

There appears to be no let up in official censorship and repression of active citizens in authoritarian states like Cuba, China, Iran, North Korea, and Vietnam, according to Mandeep Tiwana, Head of Policy and Research at CIVICUS, the global civil society alliance.

“Freedom of assembly is virtually non-existent in such contexts, and activists are often forced to engage online. But when they do so, they are demonized as being agents of Western security agencies,” he notes.

Cuba remains among the world’s top ten most censored countries, according to the Committee to Protect Journalists.

CUBA EXPRESSIONThe CPJ rankings indicate that the normalizing of US-Cuba relations cannot “mask the fact that Cuba will continue to be a one-party Communist state,” notes dissident writer Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo.

Cuba’s democratic opposition “has never been more fragile and less protected than today, despite the impressive number of dissidents and the heroism they display,” writes analyst Carlos Alberto Montaner.

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Tourists enjoying Varadaro
Tourists enjoying Varadaro