6 thoughts on “Hey Marco Rubio! I’ve got a fishing boat for sale! (and it’s approved by the New York Times!)”

  1. Humberto, that’s not a fishing boat! That’s a luxury yacht! You should be ashamed of yourself! You clearly don’t know how to balance your finances!

  2. Humberto, that’s no boat; it’s a palangana (though Rubio’s boat probably looks no better to John Kerry).

  3. The fact the NYT–again, the NYT–would stoop so low that even some liberals find it laughable indicates how desperately it wants to sabotage Rubio’s candidacy, how utterly entitled and invulnerable it considers itself, and how little class, dignity and integrity it actually has. Its problem is not with Rubio per se, but rather with his apparent potential. Needless to say, the NYT would go after any Republican candidate it considered enough of a threat, even if the right-wing Cuban angle must be especially loathsome to the outfit which helped put Fidel Castro in power through false propaganda posing as journalism (and has only added insult to injury ever since).

  4. The NYT is like people who not only think their shit don’t stink, but that it smells like Chanel No. 5.

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