Newly released Cuban dissident says Cardinal Ortega “does not serve God, but a dictatorship,”

Ciro Alexis Casanova Perez

PRESS RELEASE from Cuban Democratic Directorate

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Cuban prisoner of conscience Ciro Alexis Casanova Perez has been released. Refutes statements by Cardinal Ortega Alamino 

Placetas, Cuba- June 11th, 2015- The renowned Cuban prisoner of conscience Ciro Alexis Casanova Perez refuted statements by Cardinal Jaime Ortega on the existence of political prisoners in Castro’s prisons. Casanova gave an exclusive statement to the Cuban Democratic Directorate by telephone. He was released yesterday afternoon.

I want to use this contact to thank anyone who was supporting me when I was serving prison unfairly and called for my freedom. I also want to clarify about the pitiful statements given by Cardinal Ortega Alamino that Cuba no longer has political prisoners; that’s a total lie. I do not understand how a man who should advocate for peace, talk of such sensitive political issues like these, supporting a dictatorship of the Castro brothers, who have been in power for over 56 years while silencing political prisoners that are suffering repression, mistreatment and beatings…”


Casanova then added: “If it is true that divine justice reaches everyone, for Ortega Alamino it will come twice, because whoever he claims to be, I do not believe, but this suggests to the world who this man is, who in reality does not serve God, but a dictatorship,” said the ex prisoner of conscience.

Ciro Alexis Casanova Pérez, is an activist of the Orlando Zapata Tamayo National Resistance Front (Front OZT) who was sentenced to a year of unjust imprisonment and was declared a prisoner of conscience by Amnesty International last April 2, 2015.

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  1. Well, this is obviously a person of “bajo nivel cultural,” who can be dismissed like that horrid riffraff who tried to make trouble at the last papal visit. Besides, Cardinal Ortega surely has the Vatican’s blessing, such as it may be. If you want to know which side the world will take in this sort of “discrepancy,” ask French President Hollande–who recently awarded Ortega the Légion d’honneur, the highest decoration bestowed by France.

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