Lifestyles of Cuba’s Rich and Communist: Vacationing in Turkey, Fidel’s son Tony sends bodyguards to attack news photographers

Just because Cuba’s 11-million slaves are forced to live a miserable existence in fourth-world squalor, deprived not only of the most basic freedoms but also proper nutrition and medical care, does not mean their slave masters, the Castro family, must suffer along with them. In all honesty, what’s the purpose of having slaves and profiting from their stolen labor if you can’t live a glamorous and luxurious life jet-setting around the world and sailing your yacht to exotic destinations?

Nevertheless, all the riches and privileges that come with being a member of Cuba’s slave master family also comes with its trials and tribulations. Such as when news reporters come across one of them living the marvelous life of the rich and communist and start photographing them. For Fidel Castro’s son Tony, however, his father has taught him well how to deal with these annoyances; just send some thugs to beat them up.

Via Today’s Zaman:

Bodyguards of Fidel Castro’s son attack Turkish reporters in Bodrum

Three of Antonio Castro Soto Del Valle‘s — the son of former Cuban leader Fidel Castro — bodyguards attacked photographers from a news agency for filming the younger Castro during his vacation in Turkey’s resort district of Bodrum on Wednesday, according to the Do?an news agency.

Castro reportedly had dinner at a restaurant in Bodrum with 12 friends, who included some Turks, on Wednesday night. Castro later thanked each employee who served him at the restaurant. As Castro left the restaurant at around 11 p.m., he noticed that he was being caught on camera by a Do?an reporter and went back inside in a rage, according to Do?an. Castro waited in the restaurant’s kitchen for a while before he went out and left the premises in his car, which was brought to the front of the restaurant.

After Castro left the area, a Turk and two Cubans, who were reportedly his bodyguards, punched and threatened the Do?an photographers, attempting to take their cameras. Photojournalist Ya?ar Anter sustained a minor injury as a result of being punched. While the two Cuban bodyguards fled the scene, the Turkish bodyguard, H.K., was briefly detained by the police. A group of people who accompanied Castro at the restaurant also left in a van.

Castro recently came to Bodrum with his 50-meter boat from the Greek island of Mykonos and booked five en suite rooms at a luxury hotel for himself and those accompanying him.

Cubanos Por El Mundo has more photographs and video of the incident in Turkey HERE.

3 thoughts on “Lifestyles of Cuba’s Rich and Communist: Vacationing in Turkey, Fidel’s son Tony sends bodyguards to attack news photographers”

  1. As the saying goes, “little green apples don’t fall far from the tree.” In the documentary, “Improper Conduct,” one of the interviewees describes how he witnessed fidel castro visiting the UMAP prisons one day and parading in front of the UMAP concentration camp detainees impervious to their suffering much like a Grand Marquesa parading in front of her slaves.

    Apparently, the little prince inherited his father’s diva behavior. Instead of having the grace to allow photographers to photograph him like any foreign dignitary would do, he instantly sends his goons to punch and kick. These goons are used to treating Cubans like crap and they feel that they have the right to do that in any country that they go too. This is pretty sick. What a horrible family, this castro dynasty. They are imperious, arrogant and unaccountable for anything. Drunk with power, they travel the world doing whatever they feel like doing. They wouldn’t be able to do this if the world didn’t enable them, but it does.

  2. Oh, dear. White trash behaving like…white trash. Imagine that. And by the way, there’s no worse white trash than the rich, empowered kind. Compared to the Castros, Batista, who was not white and came from a much poorer background, was “todo un caballero,” a fine gentleman. That’s one reason the Castro people had to turn Cuba into a shithole–to bring it down to their level. As for Tony, I expect to see him again with Bergoglio in September, just as we saw him with Ratzinger, along with his decomposing daddy and ghastly mommy–with everyone, of course, smiling and cooing and being ever-so-friendly. And Cuba? Bien, gracias. Lord have mercy.

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