Aaaay! New Discovery Channel series features Cuban primitives and their antique cars

Noble savages at work on an American classic car
Noble savages at work on an American classic car

Here we go, compañeros y compañeras….ladies and gentlemen….

The “normalization” circus proudly rolls out some very serious entertainment for American and Lateeeeeeeen-oh audiences, perhaps one of the most important shows ever aired on television anywhere.

Yes, it’s a whole show filmed in the Castro Kingdom, hosted by Cuban-American actor and ex-model William Levy, and the subject is old American cars.

Yes, cars!   You know, nothing typifies Cuba and its so-called Revolution more intensely than an antique American car.

Not even Smokin’ Graciela can compete with these beauties saved from the scrap heap by noble savages who live in a communist paradise.

What’s next on the Discovery Channel, now that they’ve covered Cuban sharks and Cuban cars?  The Smokin’ Graciela reality show, of course.

Watch out Kardashians!  Graciela and her two sisters, who live in a church rectory with their jovial uncle, Monsignor Fidel, are sure to steal your audience.

Fasten your seat belts and make sure those barf bags are near at hand.

Stars of Discovery Channel's upcoming reality show
Stars of Discovery Channel’s upcoming reality show: “Holy Smokes!”


From The Latin American Herald Tribune:

Discovery Channel Airs “Cuban Chrome” Series on Cars Filmed in Cuba

The Discovery en Español television channel starting July 13 will air the “Cuban Chrome” docu-series about classic automobiles, filmed exclusively in Cuba and narrated by Cuban-American actor William Levy, the company announced Thursday.

The production explores the culture of vintage automobiles on the Caribbean island through “the men and women who put everything on the line to keep these classic cars running,” Discovery en Español said in a communique.

“Cuban Chrome” is the “first American television series produced entirely on location in Cuba” and will be also be broadcast on July 13 in English by the Discovery Channel.

“Today, thousands of classic American cars can be found in Cuba, each of them with a unique story to tell,” such as the difficulty in obtaining spare parts for these autos.

One of the parts of the series deals with the world of the passionate mechanics, restoration experts and vintage car owners who meet at the “A Lo Cubano Car Club,” an establishment where they share their experiences.

Produced by Pilgrims Studios, the series is a chronicle of the day-to-day activities of several members of the club, exploring the “challenges and joys of life in Cuba, presenting an authentic look into their culture of passion, grit, determination and ingenuity.”

Ex-model and ex-noble savage host of "Classic Chrome"
William Levy, ex-model and ex-noble savage host of “Classic Chrome”
Antonio Rodiles: troublesome noble savage who won't be featured on "Classic Chrome"
Antonio Rodiles: troublesome noble savage who won’t be hosting “Classic Chrome”


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  1. And what used to be the MacNeil Lehrer Report on public television ran a week long series on Cuba. There was Judy Woodruff all thrilled and celebratory of what a great country Cuba is. I only watched a few minutes of it and almost regurgitated.
    Environmentalists and happy Cuban people and colorful and local culture – You know the drill. All we have to learn and benefit from the Cuban people now that our great leader has opened up Cuba to us.

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