DNC chairwoman Wasserman Schultz breaks with Obama on his policy of appeasement towards Cuba’s apartheid regime

Via Politico:

Debbie Wasserman Schultz breaks with Obama on Cuba

Florida Democrat Debbie Wasserman Schultz thinks President Barack Obama should slow down with Cuba before continuing to reopen relations between the two countries.

“My view is different from President Obama’s,” the DNC chairwoman said in an interview with The Daily Signal published Thursday. “I believe a relationship with the United States should be earned … perhaps we should make sure that some of these human rights concessions are secured prior to moving forward.”

Obama announced last week that both countries will re-open embassies in their respective capitals after more than 50 years.

Wasserman Schultz said she hoped the administration could use its position to benefit the country.

“Anytime we’re at the negotiating table with any nation like Cuba that has as horrendous a human rights record as they do, it’s an opportunity to be able to assert our view that making sure that any nation in the world should have freedom of their elections, that people should have the right to elect a person of their choice, that they should be able to speak freely, even if it is against the actions of their government and not be subject to arrest, that they should be able to make sure they can move freely throughout their country,” she said.“So President Obama’s policy allows us to be able to press those priorities at the negotiating table.”

3 thoughts on “DNC chairwoman Wasserman Schultz breaks with Obama on his policy of appeasement towards Cuba’s apartheid regime”

  1. Even a stopped watch…
    How about how we are dealing with Iran, Debbie? And Israel?
    I am glad she woke up here, but this is the first time she has differed with Obama. May it be the first of many times.

  2. Honey, Debbie wants to be senator, so she’s trying to secure the Cuban vote in Florida. Nobody buys her as truly pro-Cuba, including the Dems, which makes her stance on the matter more or less ineffectual.

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