Surprise! Castro regime ranks at the bottom of the heap when it comes to freedom of the press

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Yesterday, it was reported that Gerardo Hernandez — one of the “Cuban Five” spies freed by the current occupant of the White House– boasted:

We are going to have diplomatic relations with the United States without having ceded one iota.

Given the fact that the Castro regime is openly boasting about not changing any of its repressive policies as part of the “normalization” circus, a report released yesterday should turn heads.

But, of course, that report is not going to make any difference whatsoever.  The circus is in full swing, and no one can stop it, especially because it has a papal blessing.

Once again, as always, the Castro Kingdom ranks at the bottom of the list when it comes to freedom of the press, according to Reporters Without Borders.

Cuba is in the most oppressive category (Very Serious Situation/black), ranked #169 out of 180 countries in the 2015 World Press Freedom Index, with a score of 70.21.   This is just one place below Yemen, and only 8 places above North Korea.

Here’s the  bottom tier of the list:

168 Yemen
169 Cuba
170 Djibouti
171 Lao People’s Democratic Republic
172 Somalia
173 Islamic Republic of Iran
174 Sudan
175 Vietnam
176 China
177 Syrian Arab Republic
178 Turkmenistan
179 Democratic People’s Republic of Korea
180 Eritrea

Something to keep in mind about this list: Reporters Without Borders leans heavily to the left.  It has a long-standing record of barring the United States from the top tier of its list.  This year it ranks the U.S.A. at #49, and the reasons behind this low ranking speak volumes about the standards of RWB:

In the United States, 2014 was marked by judicial harassment of New York Times investigative reporter James Risen in connection with the trial of Jeffrey Sterling, a former CIA officer charged under the Espionage Act with giving him classified information. US journalists are still not protected by a federal shield law that would guarantee their right not to name their sources or reveal other confidential information about their work. Meanwhile, at least 15 journalists were arbitrarily arrested during clashes between police and demonstrators protesting against black teenager Michael Brown’s fatal shooting by a white police officer in Ferguson, Missouri.

When a left-leaning U.S.-bashing organization bashes the Castro regime– an “experiment” beloved by the left and seldom criticized — then you know something must be awfully wrong with that regime. freedom index.1423760904426


In case you’re wondering where Latrine America as a whole ranks in comparison to Castrogonia and the rest of the world, here’s how those rankings sort out:

Only one Latrine nation ranks in the top 20 (Good/white): Costa Rica, at # 16. Only two rank in the next category (Satisfactory/yellow).  Nine rank in the third category (Noticeable Problems/orange). Five rank in the fourth category (Difficult Situation/red).

Here is the RWB summary of  Cuba:

Freedom of information is extremely limited in Cuba, which is ranked lower in the index than any other country in the Americas.

The government tolerates no independent press. Internet access is restricted and tightly controlled. The authorities continue to cite the US embargo as the reason for the low Internet penetration but the activation of Cuba’s ALBA-1 fibre-optic cable with Venezuela proves that it has more to do with a political desire to control the Internet.

In addition to the lack of media pluralism, outspoken journalists and bloggers are still subjected to threats, smears, arrest and arbitrary detention.

Happy together in the black nether regions

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  1. It takes a VERY special kind of fraudulence to run around in costume as a 4-star general when you were NEVER real military or saw real combat (unless you count minor, low-level skirmishes seen at a safe distance). General de oficina? Well, OK, I guess, but that’s a very different animal and doesn’t rate the bling. Talk about NOT keeping it real. Cheap Castroite “revolutionary” kitsch at its finest.

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