Aping Castro: Rosa Maria Paya threatened by U.S. State Department at John Kerry-Bruno Rodriguez press conference

Rodriguez and Kerry at “news conference”

Monkey see, monkey do: the U.S. government is stepping up its embrace of the Castro regime by imitating its behavior.

We all knew it would come to this, and that abject groveling by the U.S. is going to intensify rather than diminish.

This “historic” circus must go on, no matter what.  If the Castro regime says “jump,” all that the Obama administration will do in response is to ask “how high?”

Read it and weep.

From Capitol Hill Cubans:

To Embrace Cuba’s Regime, State Department Doesn’t Have to Behave Like It

It’s tough to say which was more repulsive yesterday:

Castro regime officials raising the flag at the Cuban Embassy amid cheers of “Viva Fidel!”?

Or the U.S. State Department telling Rosa Maria Paya, daughter of murdered democracy leader Oswaldo Paya, that if she asked any questions at the press conference with Secretary of State John Kerry and Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez, she would be forcefully removed?

Is that the “example” the U.S. seeks to set?

Tweet from Rosa Maria Paya: Sr. Kirby me pide no hacer preguntas hoy en conferencia d prensa d @JohnKerry, o usarían la fuerza para sacarme #Cuba  [State Department spokesperson John] asks me not to ask any questions today at press conference with John Kerry, or they would use force to remove me].


ADS305.com has a longer report in Spanish, which reveals the following details:

Rosa Maria Paya said: “I didn’t expect to receive the same coercive warning from the State Department that I received from [Castro] State Security at the Panama City airport.”

She brought along a letter from her mother that calls for an independent inquiry into the death of Oswaldo Paya and Harold Cepero.  Unable to deliver the letter to anyone at the new Cuban “embassy”, she passed on the letter to the State Department official who threatened to expel her, hoping he would pass it on to Secretary of State John Kerry.  The official made her promise not to “make a scene” in exchange.  Rosa Maria told him she didn’t have to make any promises to anyone.

The news conference was totally rigged.  Only four pre-programmed questions were allowed, and those who got to ask these questions had microphones in their hands even before the so-called press conference began.


8 thoughts on “Aping Castro: Rosa Maria Paya threatened by U.S. State Department at John Kerry-Bruno Rodriguez press conference”

  1. You think they were gonna let some piddly little dissident spoil their choreography? Who does she think she is, Al Sharpton? If control freak Hillary had been the SOS, the girl wouldn’t have been allowed to be there at all. As for the letter from her mother, can you say circular file? She might as well have mailed it to Don Francisco in Rome.

  2. What do we expect from our own government that has all but become totalitarian itself? This is supposed to shock us???

  3. The U.S. State Department is evil. People just do not get that. They do evil things and they conspire and tell lies all the time like their master Satan, the Prince of Darkness.

  4. Kerry is the face of US foreign policy, and his face is frankly abnormal. He looks like Herman Munster with a coiffure fetish.

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