Full-throttle display of bigotry by National Public Radio. Will they get any complaints?

Nostalgic charm
Nostalgic charm

Look at this piece of news!

NPR echoes the lament of millions of heartless tourists who fear the imminent corruption of Cuba’s “nostalgic charm.”

“Nostalgia.”  Jesus H. Weeping Christ.

Le Rrrrrrrronca!

In addition to echoing the complaints of poverty voyeurs, they also parrot Castro propaganda and say that “much” of Cuba is already being refurbished and spruced up.

This kind of “reporting” is what the Castro Ministry of Truth loves.

I had to post a comment.  I hope all of our readers go to the NPR web site and register their own dismay at such an offensive piece.

NPR deserves to be flooded with complaints from Cubans everywhere.  So, please, do your part and jam that web site with expressions of righteous indignation.

The reason that news outlets like NPR keep cranking out stories like this is that we Cubans don’t raise our voices against it often enough or loudly enough.

Here’s part of the story.  You can read the whole thing and POST COMMENTS HERE.

More nostalgic charm
More nostalgic charm

Tourists Worry: How Long Before Cuba Loses Its Nostalgic Charm?

It’s the tourist mantra these days: Get to Cuba before it loses its 1950s nostalgia and turns into a capitalist tourist trap.

This week saw 54 years of Cold War-era hostilities warm up in the Caribbean sun: On Monday, Cuba and the U.S. reopened embassies in each other’s capitals, a major step in the normalization of relations between the long-time foes.

The closer ties over the last few months have prompted a surge in tourism, and a perception that the island is about to undergo a radical transformation…

…French tourist Regis Beuche predicts Cuba’s capitalist embrace is imminent.

“It can’t stay like this anymore,” Beuche says. “There are no more communists in the world, so it’s time to change.”

Keeping with the conventional wisdom these days, Beuche says it will be an American tourist invasion that fans the winds of change hardest.

“American people don’t respect this currently,” he says. “I mean, it’s difficult for an American to think different than an American.”

While it’s not hard to find a Frenchman to take a swipe at an American, it is the common fear among tourists here, that a McDonalds or Starbucks will pop up among the old city’s stunning mix of neoclassical and colonial architecture — much of which is getting a paint job and refurbishing.

"stunning mix of colonial and neoclassic architecture, much of which is being refurbished."
“stunning mix of colonial and neoclassic architecture”

And here is the comment I posted:

“Nostalgic charm?” How shameful and offensive. Did Auschwitz have “nostalgic charm” too? This piece is an absolutely disgusting display of condescending bigotry and racism. Anyone who wants to keep Cuba “free” of contamination with the rest of the developed world obviously thinks that the Cuban people are somehow inferior. At best — if one interprets these sentiments kindly — anyone who bemoans the improvement of the Cuban economy must think that Cubans are noble savages of sorts. What do these heartless bigoted tourists think? Is Cuba some sort of apartheid park or human zoo, where one can go on the equivalent of a safari and watch the primitive natives live out their lives in a soul-crushing environment while tourists get to enjoy privileges and amenities that are off-limits to the natives? How are such sentiments any different from voyeurism or slumming? Worst of all, these bigots think that Castro’s Cuba is going to change. Ignorance is not always bliss. Millions of European and Canadian tourists have not brought any real change to Cuba, except to enhance its apartheid and to create a deeper and wider gulf between Cubans and those from abroad who gawk at them and exploit their labor. Anyone with a conscience should avoid travel to Cuba at this point. Going there to ogle the primitives is no different from traveling to the Old South Africa when apartheid was still practiced. To go there is to support the oppressive Castro regime, to funnel dollars into its coffers, and to ensure the survival of an economic system that resembles serfdom and slavery.

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5 thoughts on “Full-throttle display of bigotry by National Public Radio. Will they get any complaints?”

  1. Carlos, I totally understand, and your approach may be best, but I’m afraid it may also be just casting pearls before swine. When people who are mentally competent and educated and have free access to information “don’t get it” to this degree, or appear this “clueless,” it’s either willful blindness, amoral indifference and/or malicious perversity. The ignorance excuse simply won’t fly at this very late date. In other words, we’re talking some version of HIJEPUTEZ.

  2. First of all they won’t let me comment or vote up or down. I don’t do Facebook.
    But do you see the comments and responses? I don’t know if they are trolls or real people. But the comments are revolting.

  3. I left a comment there for what it was worth, but the milieu was distinctly distasteful, to put it elegantly. I’m afraid it’s largely a case of casting pearls before swine.

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