Ah!–But THIS murderer of cute little lions is the toast of the Smart-Set!


Innocent! Cute! Snuggly! Lion murdered for machista gratification!– by a hero to millions of leftists!–who flock to the murderer’s shrine in Castro’s Cuba! (for a hefty fee, of course)–A shrine to this racist, misogynistic drunkard and his murder of hundreds of Innocent! Cute! Snuggly! animals right out of Disney cartoons! .. Where’s the OUTRAGE??!

Maybe since this lion-murderer was also a major fan of human-murderers Fidel Castro and Che Guevara he gets off scot-free in the court of world opinion.

That he was also a full-fledged KGB agent never hurts in the court of world opinion either.


(On left) BAD! BAD! BAD! (on Right) Cool! Cool! Cool!
So Dr Walter James Palmer (on left), here at Babalu we offer you this free advice. Here’s a SURE cure for your current public relations woes:

*Start hailing Obama’s “diplomatic breakthrough!”
*Visit Cuba!
*If at all possible take some pics with Fidel or Raul–smiling, shaking hands!
*VOILA!!! You’re absolved!


And what’s with Hemingway’s fetish for hanging his hunting trophies on his wall?

As well known hereabouts, TRUE hunters wear them on their heads!

3 thoughts on “Ah!–But THIS murderer of cute little lions is the toast of the Smart-Set!”

  1. The photo of the younger Hemingway is rather telling. He looks like a mamma’s boy overcompensating in order to look “macho,” and I expect there was significant truth to that. When people try that hard to project a certain image, it’s typically because they’re trying to pass for something they’re not or are very insecure about what they are. I always question it, big time.

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