Photos of the day: Some paradise!


Dissident Martha Beatriz Roque emailed some information and photos today.

All one can say in response is “Ahhh.  Long live the Revolution.  Long live equality in income and status!”

Gladys (“Cuca”) Galvez lives in Guira de Melena in the province of Artemisa, near Havana.   She is mentally disabled and her sole income is a monthly government check of 200 pesos ( seven and a half US dollars).

Up until this week, Cuca was living alone in a wooden shack.  She is now homeless, because a rain storm caused her hovel to collapse.

Government officials aren’t helping her find a new home and none of her neighbors feel they have enough resources to take her in, due to her special needs.

All this, after 56 years of egalitarian communism.  Yeah.

And this is the “charming” country that Time magazine calls a “paradise.”

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