Dumb question prompts Andy Garcia to set the record straight

Andy Garcia and his Leopard Club Award
Andy Garcia and his Leopard Club Award

At the Locarno Film Festival, Andy Garcia let a Swiss interviewer know that his questions were based on the false assumption that the Castro regime has loosened its grip on the Cuban people.

Are you tired of getting the same kind of question constantly?

Of course you are.   Having people tell you constantly that Castrogonia has changed is perhaps the most annoying aspect of the “normalization” circus.

The only thing more annoying than that is having the same people add “oh, you must be so happy now, with all these changes!”

Take heart, you’re not alone.

Andy Garcia in his film "The Lost City"
Andy Garcia in his film “The Lost City”

Variety interview with Andy Garcia

LOCARNO –What should be the policy of Switzerland towards Cuba now that the political situation in Cuba has turned? a Swiss journalist asked Andy Garcia at the beginning of a journalists’ group interview in Locarno, where Garcia received the Leopard Club Award Friday night.

That got Andy Garcia going. “The political situation is Cuba has not turned,” Andy Garcia said politely, but very adamantly. “There is one government, a dictatorship. The Castros are still in power. There’s never been a popular election in Cuba. Nothing will change in Cuba until the Castro regime leaves and the people are free.

And Garcia expanded on the state of Cuba for another full minute. Later on at the presser, at the stately Orsalina Hotel, high above a crustal blue Lake Maggiore in the Swiss Alps, Garcia, more relaxed, ironized that whenever he gave an interview, whatever he spoke about, the only headlines would be about Cuba.

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