Canadian tourists get a dose of the real Cuba

Filth, no running water, toilets that don’t work…sound familiar? No, of course these tourists don’t want to be exposed to those terrible conditions, and don’t want to go there, but do they realize or care that those horrifying conditions are everyday life for millions of Cubans? Do they realize or care that the workers servicing them in that nightmare hotel work for slave wages paid not by Sunwing, the largest tourist provider to the island, but the military dictatorship ruling Cuba? Do they realize or care that their tourist dollars fund repression and misery?

Doing business with a criminal regime a nasty business no doubt better left to those willing to accept substantial risk.

Via Global News:

Many Cuba-bound Canadian travellers say they want no part of visiting a resort that is the focus of a Global News investigation. As Sean O’Shea reports, travellers say they don’t want to become ill like so many who just returned from the resort.

TORONTO — Canadians with confirmed bookings to a Cuban resort where it’s believed norovirus made travellers sick say their tour operator hasn’t allowed them to switch to another resort or wanted to charge them.

“No, I don’t want to go there, I don’t want to be exposed to that … everyone’s health is at risk; that’s not fair,” said Kayla Halloran, a third-year Ryerson nursing student with a ticket to visit the resort with a friend later this month.

After seeing a Global News story on problems at the Memories Paraiso Azul Resort in Cayo Santa Maria Cuba, she contacted tour operator Sunwing Vacations to ask to be switched to another resort.

“They said I could change my resort to somewhere else but I have to pay a change fee plus a cancellation fee,” Halloran said.

“Why should I have to pay that?”
Global News received a cascade of complaints from Canadian travellers who returned from the resort.

They said they had experienced diarrhea and vomiting during most or all of their vacations.

Some reported seeing feces wash up on the hotel beach, finding feces beside the swimming pool, and experiencing dirty washrooms with toilets that didn’t work.

Other travellers told Global News they visited the same property in April and that it was without fresh water for two days.

During that time, Canadians visiting said they had no access to clean linens or water to flush toilets; they said staff at the hotel had no means to wash dishes or sanitize food service areas.

But despite the problems, they said the tour operator continued to send travellers to the resort.

WATCH: Canadians who traveled to what they thought was a luxury beach resort in Cuba say they got seriously ill. As Sean O’Shea reports, many tell Global News that tour operator Sunwing Vacations kept sending vacationers in spite of reports of sickness.

2 thoughts on “Canadian tourists get a dose of the real Cuba”

  1. I don’t feel an iota of pity for them, because if they are like most Canadians, they go to Cuba to see it before it changes, because they want to see how the natives live, well, they actually did get that experience first hand. So, NO, they should not complain. They got a small taste of how the natives live. However, in order to complete the experience, they should have been beaten, had their noses broken, and cut up by box cutters for complaining in the same manner that dissidents who complain are assaulted.

  2. And to think tourists could go to other Caribbean resorts where this sort of thing would NOT happen, and where they would not be supporting a horrific totalitarian evil, yet they go to Cuba anyway. Bastards.

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