Cuban child prostitution industry declared “normal” by U.S. government


Abridged From Frontpage:

by Daniel Greenfield

Liberals say they love to go to Cuba because they find Castro inspirational and there are no Starbucks places anywhere in sight. Really they’re going there for the child prostitution.

So often when Canadians think of Cuba, they think of cheap holidays: sand, sun and lying on the beach. But over the past decade, this island winter getaway has gained a more sinister reputation.

Today, a growing number of tourists, almost always older men, are winging to Cuba for one thing – sex. But far more disturbing is that some of them are looking for sex with children.

Cuba is in the top four child sex destinations for Canadians in the Americas. The others are Mexico, Brazil and the Dominican Republic….

….Socialism. It really works.

James McTurk, convicted Canadian sex offender who preyed on Cuban boys
James McTurk, convicted Canadian sex offender who preyed on Cuban boys

Obama’s bailout of Castro is a huge gift for liberal pedophiles who can enjoy all the Socialist child prostitution they can afford. And they can afford a lot of it because Cuba has a slight income inequality problem….

…U.S. diplomats documented the same money-for-child-sex system operating with the knowledge and permission of families in a 2009 cable to Washington.

“Some Cuban children are reportedly pushed into prostitution by their families, exchanging sex for money, food or gifts,” it reads.

The cost of forbidden youth is startlingly cheap: as little as $30 for the night…

So now the State Department is covering up for Cuba’s sex trafficking to protect Obama’s complicity in this terrible crime.

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  1. Obama ignores or covers up what he is allowed to ignore or cover up. The problem is the society that has enabled him, which is by definition degenerate.

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