Cuban, Russian, Chinese, North Korean intelligence agencies THRILLED (!!!) by prospect of U.S. companies “partnering” with Castro regime (here’s why)

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“WELCOME, Yankee businessmen AMIGOS!” (and oh…this welcome also applies on behalf of my many other amigos!)

Fascinating item in a recent article by The Palm Beach Post:

“Cuban Vendors U.S. businessmen may work with (in Cuba) may be fronts, or “cutouts,” for other foreign intelligence services such as those from China, Russia, Iran or North Korea. The capture and exchange of corporate confidential information is a lucrative business, so guard your files.”


“Welcome to Cuba!”


“Welcome to Cuba!”


“Welcome to Cuba!”


“Welcome to Cuba!”

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(In brief: Moronic U.S. companies will make Cuba the world’s top business intelligence BAZAAR!!! ( in addition to already serving as military intelligence bazaar!) “LE RRRRONCA!!!”

(H/T our friends Chris Simmons and Matt Lawrence )