Castro Agents stealing my identity on Twitter (Update)

A few months back I reported how my Twitter account had been hacked exactly as Cuban dissident Coco Farinas reported to El Nuevo Herald that his Twitter account had been hacked by Cuban Intelligence. The ruse was identical. The Castro agent announces that his spanking new account belongs to the “real” Farinas or Fontova, and instructs the public to stop following the old (the genuine account) because it belongs to an imposter. Here were the tweets by the Castro agent who called himself “El Humberto Maximo” and even stole my picture (a serious crime) for his twitter account:


(@hfontova is my REAL twitter account. @HumbertoFontova BELONGS TO THE COMMUNIST AGENT–just so you know)

Here Cuban dissident Guillermo Farinas warns his followers about the Cuban intelligence ruse:


As mentioned, my hacker went so far as to steal my pictures for his bogus new Twitter account, a serious matter that was FINALLY (!!!) recognized as such by Twitter. But during Twitter’s confusion/investigation into this matter, my genuine Twitter account had been suspended for two months. I could not tweet any of my Babalu posts. Now it’s finally back.

Just for fun, I’d like to list some of the followers that my hacker and identity-thief (obviously a Castro agent of one degree or another) listed. These are some of the fine folks he found most valuable for his cause, hence for re-Tweeting:

twitter6twitter18 twitter7twitter8twitter10twitter11twitter12twitter14twitter17twitter25twitter27twitter29twitter30twitter31twitter33twitter34twitter36twitter35twitter37twitter38twitter32

Wittingly or otherwise all of the above were serving the cause of a Castro agent of influence found guilty by Twitter of the serious crime of identity theft and shut down.



2 thoughts on “Castro Agents stealing my identity on Twitter (Update)”

  1. Well, the fraud was hardly subtle, let alone clever. Yes, he might take in the odd useful idiot, but useful idiots are already in the bag. Sheesh.

  2. The fake Fontova’s cheesy and bombastic handle alone was enough to give him away, but he certainly knew how to pick his friends/helpers from among the usual suspects. If anybody but “those people” gave a shit, a situation this obvious would have been pounced upon ages ago and debunked, and I don’t mean just the fake Twitter account, but the whole rotten stew. Talk about willful blindness.

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