Alina Fernandez (Fidel Castro’s daughter) returns to her roots…

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BOSTON, Aug. 11, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — After half a century, discussions are progressing to restore full diplomatic relations with Cuba, including lifting the trade embargo. How will this affect the estimated $1.2 billion worth of trade opportunities with the U.S, particularly in the ag sector?

Alina Fernandez, daughter of Fidel Castro, Cuba’s leader for nearly 50 years, will begin to answer this question during her keynote address at the 10th annual Oilseed & Grain Trade Summit, which will be held next month in Minneapolis, Minn. In her presentation “Unique Perspective on Cuba by Fidel Castro’s Daughter” on Wednesday, September 30 at 5:30 p.m., Fernandez will share insight on her very unique relationship with Cuba, the changes the nation has undergone in the past few decades, and the economic opportunities that lie ahead.

A strong advocate of her uncle Raul Castro’s regime, Fernandez will highlight the positive economic, political and agricultural changes in Cuba since his reign of power began in 2008. This includes presenting the details of the current agricultural relationship between the U.S. and Cuba, and what post-embargo Cuba might look like for U.S. agriculture.


The woman would never have anything to do with me. I tried to line up interviews with her for my books–nothing doing. Never got so much as a response…Now I see why….

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  1. Ha! Le rrrrrrronca! Maybe she’ll drum up the wrong kind of business and allow her family’s racism to surface. Even in Minnesota that could get her into trouble. I’ve been told by someone who helped Alina escape from Cuba that Jesse Jackson played a key role in that deal, and that Alina constantly referred to him dismissively as “ese negrito.” Although she was constantly warned to stop using such language, she proved incorrigible. Jesse continued being nothing more than a “negrito” for her. Like all Castros — so I’m told by my source — in addition to being racist, Alina is used to thinking that she deserves whatever she wants, and she treats those around her as underlings..

  2. I never trusted her. She always struck me as a dubious diva-wannabe, and this qualifies as her official “unveiling.” And I seriously doubt she’s doing this “summit” gig without compensation from either one side or the other, quite possibly both. Well, at least she has the super-toxic-DNA excuse, which is more than one can say for people like Saladrigas. Behold the new star Cuba “expert.” Lord, the nausea.

  3. I think that’s about it, Carlos. Nothing really complex here. She was always an Uncle’s Girl rather than a Daddy’s Girl. Spoke well of Raul on several occasions. When visiting Cuba recently for her mom’s funeral etc. they probably got to her. She quickly figured out she can live better in Cuba nowadays than here, I mean look at her prima Mariela!

  4. Ha, again! Or maybe it’s ja, ja, ja, en castellano. The Variety piece mentions that Nilo Cruz is writing the script for the Alina movie. Cruz was supposed to write the script for a movie version of Waiting for Snow in Havana. The deal was ready to go, but he backed out when Castro Inc. told Nilo that he would be blacklisted in Castrogonia if he associated with me in any way. The movie deal fell through. Thank God for that. I had lost all control of that train thanks to the fine print on contracts and who knows what would have come out of his poisoned pen. . But he showed his true stripes then, and is showing them again.

  5. Oh, heaven forbid that a “proper” playwright with Broadway (read NYC) ambitions be blacklisted by a darling of the “progressive” left, including the New York Times. I mean, all intellectuals and artists are supposed to be “progressive,” and if they’re not, you bet there’s a price to pay. It’s bad enough when a writer in Cuba, with or without actual talent, plays along with Castro, Inc., but at least then it’s more understandable than when one in the free world does it. It’s like the difference between Cardinal Ortega and Don Francisco: the former has some excuse, especially if he’s being blackmailed; the latter has none. Well, we are a sad, sad people, maybe not as much as Jews who will carry Obama’s (or any Dem’s) water no matter what he does with respect to Israel, but we’re mighty sad just the same.

  6. My impression or interpretation is that the mother was a spoiled socialite in a boring marriage who may well have fancied herself movie-star material worthy of a cinematic-type romance, so she committed adultery with the “edgy” revolutionary leader because he fit her fantasy and/or she truly fell for him (and if she did, her intelligence/insight must have been piss-poor, if not missing altogether). That’s one half of Alina’s DNA package; the other half is even worse than what Mariela Castro’s carrying, which is saying something. In other words, what can one expect here? She may well have inherited (from both parents) serious entitlement issues along with a delusionally inflated self-image, which would make any kind of high-profile role (either in Cuba or out of it) exceedingly attractive, even apart from purely material gain. I think she’s going for what she thinks is her best shot at what she wants, and yes, Mariela could be acting as a kind of role model. The whole thing, of course, is distinctly malodorous, but again, what is DNA such as hers most likely to produce?

  7. And Carlos, I’m sure Fidel thought of Mandela, let alone Jesse Jackson, as “ese negrito.” He quite probably also called Mandela that in private, though he’d never have done it within hearing of anyone who could have given him away–he knew better than to risk such a VERY useful connection. No black Cuban has had real power under the Castro regime, though there have certainly been house Negroes, so to speak, like the late Juan Almeida. It’s really amazing how easily prominent foreign black figures have been taken in by the Castro BS, but then again, it’s easy to fool people who want to be fooled.

  8. I mean, look at Gloria Estefan, whose father was one of the men directly screwed over by the Bay of Pigs betrayal. How could she possibly EVER play footsie with any Dem politician, let alone Obama? That doesn’t mean she’s obligated to be a Republican booster, necessarily, but she should definitely have avoided anything clearly infra dig, and she didn’t. As I said, we are a sad people.

  9. It may be amateur psychology, but another possibility is that, if Alina resents Fidel for being a lousy father, she could be motivated by helping her uncle prevail and not only supplant but supersede him. In other words, this may be more personal than political, but whatever her motivation is, I repeat: I never bought her as “trigo limpio;” she always gave me a bad vibe.

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