Detailed description of violence against Ladies in White


Diario de Cuba has published a blow-by-blow account  of last Sunday’s attack on the Ladies in White, written by Yania Suarez.

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be one of the Ladies, this is as close as you’ll get, short of being there yourself or getting your hands on some rare film footage.

Read the whole piece HERE, in Spanish.

Take a look at the comments too.  You will probably be surprised by the tenor of some of them.





1 thought on “Detailed description of violence against Ladies in White”

  1. And this takes place every week, and every week it is reported– not by the MSM of course, or as a cause of some celebrity too busy worrying about animal rights or global warming to take notice of the politicide happening under our noses.. This is a progressive age where there is no room for disturbances by unhappy native islanders, ungrateful for the gifts of the free healthcare and revolutionary justice only dreamed about by those struggling with the reality of capitalism, and it’s bourgeois accompaniments. God help us.

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