Historic Day in Cuba?


The word HISTORIC is being said a thousand times today, but in reality a NON-HISTORIC SAD day for freedom. If you think different than that of the dictatorship in Cuba and that of the Obama regime, you are NOT even considered in regards to Cuba.

I am not a poet, but I have a poem for this NON-HISTORIC day and the continued betrayal of the Cuban people:

56 years of misery,

caused by a diabolical tyranny,

why must the Cuban people continue to suffer?

millions have been oppressed,

yet they get NO press?

My God, my God, why have you forsaken us?

Our faith, endurance, and confidence continually test us!

All we ask is for Cuba to be FREE,

Not those who sell their dignity!!!

Not just the opening of Embassies

Kerry speaking with glee at the embassy


Is that to much of your flock to ask of thee?

Just as Our Lady has asked us to fast and pray,

we come to your arms dear Lord looking for that DAY!!!!!



3 thoughts on “Historic Day in Cuba?”

  1. These days, all sorts of people who call themselves or are considered artists are no such thing, but merely poseurs. Same goes for other designations, including that of poet. Al que le venga el sayo, que se lo ponga.

  2. This was inevitable. Dems don’t care about human rights in Cuba and they love the Castros. They’ve been itching to normalize for years. So what should we have done? Cut a deal. We should have had a Republican president at least get something…anything. Go back and check my comments – I’ve been saying for years. I’ve ranting like an idiot that we would get nothing from the Dems. So what happened? We got zip. Congrats to all those that in all their hubris felt that we could hold off the Castro lovers indefinitely. This loss is on all of you. Now we get Kerry doing victory laps in Havana. Soon we will have Obama in la plaza received by the multitudes chanting his name. We got nothing absolutely nothing and if heaven forbid a Dem wins in ’16 the embargo will eventually be gone in that term. Good job holding the line and demanding absolute purity once it comes to Cuba and the embargo.

  3. Our failure was to believe that surely the USA would live up to its traditions and principles and not capitulate to Castro, Inc in exchange for nothing–except, of course, gratifying Obama’s vanity and perfidy. It is now clear we were foolish, but we had reason to be. The real or bigger failure here is not ours, even if we are the victims of it.

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