Obama raises the U.S. flag in apartheid Cuba: ‘It’s 1898 all over again…’

Thoughts on the events that transpired yesterday in Havana by Cuban American Herb Sosa, president of the LGBTQ rights organization Unity Coalition on his Facebook page:

herbsosaAs I listen to Cubas national anthem on TV today, my throat tightens and my eyes water. As the American flag – my flag, is raised, I reflect and try to understand.

Richard Blancos beautful words were inspiring and emotional… a reflection of what many of us have and continue to feel – a yearning for peace, families united and hope for the future of Cubans everywhere. So much hope, so many emotions, and so many of our loved ones no longer around to share this with.

I don’t expect many to understand the mixed emotions that today’s reopening of the U.S. Embassy in La Habana stirs within me. I don’t expect you to understand how it feels to want to call your grandmother to talk about all of this, but know she didnt live long enough to witness this, and strangely that might be best. I dont expect you to understand having hope for the future of Cuba, but intense sandess for every single cuban family that has been ripped apart forwever by those dictators, and now watching them in smug victory, dancing on the blood that pours from our stolen heritage. I dont expect you to understand what it feels like to know that your family will still need to ask permission to go to their native country, while our families there cannot vote, speak their mind, or leave safely. I dont expect you to understand how I can be so proud to be born here in the U.S., a Proud American, and so incredibly dissapointed at our leaderships lack of regard for so much pain, crime and theft by those thugs. Rewarding bad behavior. Wiping out facts for self interest & rewriting history… It’s 1898 all over again. Viva Cuba LIBRE.

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  1. Uh, Blanco’s “beautiful words” were part and parcel of this whole sordid business and implicitly condone it, but never mind.

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