Quote of the day: What “normalization” means in Havana

The ex-spy who who directed the total surrender of the U.S. diplomatic team during “normalization” talks has made the meaning of that word clear.
For her, and for her bosses, it means that the U.S. has now accepted the Castro regime as “normal” and that it won’t ever change anything.
This is what that flag raising ceremony was about yesterday: The Castro regime has the absolute upper hand, and that is perfectly acceptable to the U.S.
The Cuban government won’t move a “millimeter” to please its opponents in America, the nation’s top diplomat in talks with the U.S. said Friday after an American flag-raising event in Havana.
Josefina Vidal
Josefina Vidal
Decisions on internal matters are not negotiable and will never be put on the negotiating agenda in conversations with the United States,” Josefina Vidal, Cuba’s director of U.S. affairs, told Reuters.
“Cuba will never do absolutely anything, not move one millimeter, to try to respond,” she added.

3 thoughts on “Quote of the day: What “normalization” means in Havana”

  1. But as Humberto would say, nobody one millimeter outside of Miami knows that [or if they do, they would admit it]. The steady drumbeat like a litany that comes out of the legacy seeking, capitulating Obama Administration and the pro-castro mainstream media is that Cuba that has reformed so much under the Gorbachev-like raul is that it will now become a democracy because of cause we all know hat tourists and American corporations.

  2. The people behind all this, certainly those directly or actively involved in making it happen, know perfectly well it’s NOT about real change for the benefit of Cubans. They don’t need Vidal to spell it out, because it doesn’t matter to them anyhow–they’re after what they’re after, and otherwise they don’t give a shit.

    When you have a senior US senator like Leahy willing (and eager) to act as go-between so a convicted Cuban spy with the blood of American citizens on his hands could have his criminal sperm sent to Cuba to artificially inseminate his wife, surely with the approval of Obama and the State Department…I mean, what else does one need to know? What else is there to say or talk about? How much more do we need to be spit upon and mocked?

    Let’s just face the truth (which is every bit as ugly, obscenely perverse and repulsive as Leahy), rid ourselves of all fantasies and illusions, and do the best WE can for Cuba. It may or may not be good enough, but that’s all there is, apart from divine intervention. We have always been alone for all practical purposes, as we still are and will remain.

    At least now only idiots would sit around hoping and waiting for ANY part of the world to help Cuba, as opposed to using her for its own gain or simply being indifferent. The truth was always clear enough, of course, but now it’s inescapable and undeniable, and those who act like they still don’t get it should be regarded as retarded or disingenuous. If we can’t do anything else, let’s be dignified about the reality of the situation; we’ve been much too foolish already.

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