See what it’s like when Cuban dissidents get arrested

See it for yourself.

This happened just a few blocks from where I lived as a child.

For those who don’t know Spanish:

The marchers shout “libertad” (freedom).  The mob shouts “pin pon pera, abajo la gusanera” (pin pon pera is meaningless nonsense, used merely for rhyme; abajo la gusanera means “down with the worms”).

From Capitol Hill Cubans:

Caught on Tape: Sunday’s Arrests of Cuban Democracy Leaders
at 9:51 AM Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Click on the image above or on the linked text below it to watch video footage of this past Sunday’s arrest of The Ladies in White and other democracy activists in Havana.

Note how they were assaulted by secret police officials, which then call-in a mob to start chanting “Fidel, Fidel” — chants similar to those at the Cuban Embassy opening in Washington, D.C.

Sadly, foreign new bureaus in Havana were either too tired from Kerry’s fluff trip, or (again) too scared of Castro’s censors, to cover the repression.

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  1. That lame and cheesy rhyming crap is a very old and characteristic Castro touch, which has chusma written all over it–and for good reason, since it is meant for such an element. It’s somewhat analogous to the classic dubious lawyer line “If it doesn’t fit, you must acquit.” In both cases, the people “inspired” by such tripe are exceedingly dubious, but yes, they’re certainly receptive to that kind of cheap manipulation.

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