White House seeks to flood Castro Kingdom with American tourists without congressional approval

Tourists exercise in the water in the Santa Maria Key Resort in central Cuba April 4, 2013. People pay a lot of money to visit the Caribbean island that has been mostly off limits the past half century even though it is just 90 miles (145 km) from Florida. A four-day trip to Havana for two costs nearly $5,000, not including airfare, but the forbidden fruit aspect of Cuba is a big draw, said Edward Piegza, who led the first trip for his San Diego, California-based travel company Classic Journeys. Tourists from other parts of the world, mostly Canada and Europe, freely visit the island for its beaches, vintage American cars and Spanish colonial architecture. Picture taken April 4, 2013.  REUTERS/Desmond Boylan (CUBA - Tags: POLITICS BUSINESS TRAVEL ENVIRONMENT)

Yeah.  You knew this was coming, right?  Of course.

The current occupant of the White House is doing all he can to support the Castro regime, Congress be damned.

And, as a Wall Street Journal article points out, he is doing this in a way that will make it very difficult or impossible for any future U.S. presidents to undo the damage.

To top it off, as he props up Castrogonia, ensuring the survival of the dictatorship, he and his acolytes say they are trying to bring freedom to the island prison.

In a very real and very frightening way, he is acting just like the Martians in the movie “Mars Attacks,” who shout out “we come in peace!” and “don’t run we are your friends” as they slaughter earthlings.

Unfortunately, far too many people believe the lie, for various reasons.  And all those reasons are not just wrong, but reprehensible.

Even more reprehensible than Havana’s cigar ladies and the tourists who pose with them.


From the Wall Street Journal

Obama Administration Pushes for Deal to Start Flights to Cuba by Year’s End
White House aims to loosen travel restrictions for individual U.S. travelers despite congressional ban

The Obama administration is working to reach a deal with Cuba by year’s end that would allow travelers to fly on scheduled commercial flights between the countries, U.S. officials say, chipping away at a travel ban without requiring Congress to lift it.

The agreement would allow airlines to establish regular service between the U.S. and Cuba as early as December, officials said, marking the most significant expansion of economic and tourism ties between the U.S. and Cuba since the 1950s, when Americans regularly traveled back and forth to Havana.

The Obama administration is also exploring further steps to loosen travel restrictions for Americans to the island nation despite the decades-old congressional ban, officials said.

The twin moves, which follow the formal reopening last week of the American embassy in Havana, underscore the White House’s intent to solidify one of President Barack Obama’s major foreign policy achievements by making the Cuba shift nearly impossible for a future president to reverse….

….Deepening both U.S.-Cuba economic relations and the two countries’ cultural and tourism ties is part of how Mr. Obama hopes to ensure that the move toward normalization doesn’t unravel under his successor.

The White House has taken the same approach to the nuclear deal with Iran, which Congress is set to vote on next month and is likely to be implemented by Mr. Obama exercising his veto authority.

The White House hopes Mr. Obama’s Iran and Cuba policies follow the same political trajectory as his health-care law. The idea, administration officials have said, is that like the health-care law, the Iran and Cuba initiatives will become so embedded in American policy over Mr. Obama’s final 18 months in office that undoing them would be too difficult.

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