Hurry up, Cubans, “normalization” will close your escape hatch

A home-made aluminum boat carrying 16 Cuban "migrants"
A home-made aluminum boat carrying 16 Cuban “migrants”

Forget for a moment about all those Cubans who have been trying to cross the Florida Straits since the Obamazo of December 17.

Many Cubans are desperately trying to flee in a less obvious direction, where the U.S. Coast Guard won’t intercept them.

And the reason for their desperation is the normalization circus, which threatens the “refugee” status given to Cubans for more than five decades.

If Cuba is “normal”, then why should Cubans be considered refugees rather than migrants, like Haitians and Mexicans?

Maybe Donald Trump scares them too (if they get to hear or read about him).  If Trump gets elected in 2016, then all Cuban illegal “migrants” could be sent back home, just like Mexicans

Ay! Apúrate, Chucho, hay que salir de aquí antes de que nos cierren la puerta los Yanquis  y nos traten como Mejicanos!  (Hurry up, Chucho, we need to get out of here before the Yanks close the door on us and start treating us like Mexicans!)

Cuban "migrants" detained as they tried to cross from Honduras into Mexico
Cuban “migrants” detained as they tried to cross from Honduras into Mexico

From Breitbart:


The government of Honduras is facing unprecedented numbers of Cuban refugees who opt to reach its shores on makeshift maritime vessels, hoping to cross north towards the United States. Honduras has apprehended 5,000 Cuban nationals so far this year, 3,000 more than the entirety of 2014.

Honduras’ National Migration Institute reported this number, noting that in the past 24 hours, officials had located and processed 69 illegal migrants, 39 of whom were Cubans. (The others were described as Nepalese and African.) Refugees apprehended elsewhere in the country are transferred to Tegucigalpa, the capital, to be processed, and are given 72 hours legal stay in the country. Most Cubans are gone by the time that time is up, traveling north to Mexico and, eventually, the United States. Since Cubans are given legal political refugee status upon touching American soil, they are allowed to remain legally and indefinitely in the United States….

The number of Cubans attempting to reach Honduras began to skyrocket following the announcement by President Barack Obama that the United States would begin to formally legitimize the communist dictatorship of Raúl Castro with a “normalization” process that would include the reestablishment of diplomatic relations. That announcement was made in December 2014. Since then, nearly 24,000 Cubans have arrived on American soil, both through Mexico and the more traditional water route to Florida. Between December 2013 and December 2014, the U.S. Coast Guard reported a 117% increase in the number of Cubans processed trying to enter the United States.

Read the whole distressing report HERE

For another report on Cuban “migrants” detained after landing in Honduras, go HERE

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  1. Oh please, send back all of that trash-the sooner, the better! Repeal the Cuban Adjustment Act! Most of them are Cubanoids whose only interest is to work here [or in the worst case scenario rip-off the insurance companies] for a year in order to go back to Cuba to visit Varadero with their family. Whenever the Van Van’s or any other group from Cuba come to the USA in order to take back ticket sales to the fiefdom, they flock to the theaters, and GOD FORBID you badmouth the regime or say that you support the embargo, they will become guapo on you!

    Look at how Cubans were back in the 60’s:

    Compare that to the trash that is coming over today who say that they don’t oppose the regime.

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