Defecting Cuban slave doctors stage pointless protest in Colombia

Defecting Cuban slave doctors in Colombia
Ungrateful Cuban slave doctors who fled from Venezuela to Colombia

Update: Nothing has changed.

The current occupant of the White House– who is hell-bent on doing the Castro regime’s bidding on every issue– is still refusing to allow defecting Cuban slave doctors into the U.S.

But why should he do anything for them?

He probably thinks they shouldn’t have defected in the first place.  And he also considers Castrogonia a “normal” nation.   So, why should these ungrateful doctors receive any special treatment?

Illegal aliens who stream in across the Mexican border deserve more consideration than these ingrates.

After all, these moral monsters from Castrogonia who fled from Venezuela into Colombia are abandoning one of the noblest social experiments in all of human history in search of filthy lucre.

Selfish bastards.

Let them starve in Bogota as a penance for their unforgivable sin.

Selfish ingrates stranded in Colombia whine in the streets of Bogota
Selfish ingrates stranded in Colombia whine in the streets of Bogota

From Fox News Lateeeeeeeeeeeen-oh

Cuban doctors stranded in Colombia while awaiting U.S. visas, stage protest

About 100 Cuban doctors who deserted a medical mission in Venezuela and have been stranded for months in Colombia seeking entry into the U.S. staged a protest Saturday to draw attention to their plight.

The health care workers say they fear the delays in processing their visa requests under a 2006 program aimed at luring Cuba’s medical talent could be a sign that President Barack Obama is seeking to end the incentive as part of his campaign to normalize relations with the communist island.

Wearing white doctor’s coats and brandishing their diplomas, the Cuban medical workers gathered in a plaza in Kennedy, a working-class neighborhood built in the 1960s with funds from John F. Kennedy’s Alliance for Progress. Several described how widespread shortages and mistreatment in Venezuela is leading many to sneak across the border seeking a new start in the United States. While they say conditions in Colombia are better, the cost of living is higher and many say they’ve had to borrow money from strangers and are surviving on a single meal a day.

Ailen García, a 25-year-old dentist, said she fled to Colombia expecting to get a visa to enter the U.S. in a matter of weeks. Instead, she and her husband have been waiting more than six months for a response, all the while renting a small room in a working-class neighborhood of Bogotá for $200 a month and preparing for the birth of their first child in two months.

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3 thoughts on “Defecting Cuban slave doctors stage pointless protest in Colombia”

  1. Obama is definitely not going to do anything that in any way angers the castro brothers.. Cuba’s doctors must be subjugated, enslaved and chained with enormous fetters, because they are one of the biggest sources of money into Cuba. Why doesn’t Obama end the Cuban Adjustment Act? Because the regime doesn’t want him to. Oh, they talk out of both sides of their mouths, but they don’t want it to end, because it’s an escape valve and it releases tension inside Cuba and the Cubanoids who are coming over only want to send money back to Cuba and visit the island [read this as Varadero] in one year.

  2. Obama does not want these professionals in the U.S. People who would love this country and be grateful to be here and to work hard are most definitely the wrong kind of people to allow into this country according to Obama.
    We want unaccompanied children whom we can send to already overburdened cities to drain resources from this country and bring in diseases and maybe some terrorism. Those are the ideal people Obama wants to bring here.

  3. Yes, I’m afraid they’re wasting their time. Obviously the Latrines will never take their side against Castro, Inc., and “progressives” elsewhere would only care if the slavemasters were right-wing. But, to be fair, these doctors themselves are part of the problem. Why did they go into medical school knowing how this game is played in Cuba?

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