Leader of Cuba’s Ladies in White fears Pope’s visit will bring more violent repression

Considering the hundreds of peaceful activists and Christians who were violently beaten and jailed by the Castro regime during the last papal visit to Cuba, Berta Soler’s fears are not unfounded.

Via Uncommon Sense:

Berta Soler, leader of Cuban Damas De Blanco, fears Pope Francis’ visit will bring repression

Cuban dictator Raul Castro and Pope Francis.

More than three years ago, on the eve of Pope Benedict XVI’s visit to Cuba, the Castro dictatorship unleashed a wave of repression designed to impress on Cuban opposition activists that it remained firmly in control of the island, regardless of whatever they thought a papal visit might mean.

Berta Soler, leader of the Damas De Blanco, or “Ladies In White,” said she fears it’s about to happen again, with Pope Francis scheduled to visit Cuba Sept. 19-22.

Specifically, Soler said she expects the secret police will arrest dissidents to block them from attending papal events, including Mass, and turn off their cell phone service to hinder communication among activists.

Soler noted the regime and its goons have been using similar tactics for at least 19 Sundays in a row, attacking and arresting the Damas and their supporters as they march to and/or from churches across the island.

Diario de Cuba has more.

3 thoughts on “Leader of Cuba’s Ladies in White fears Pope’s visit will bring more violent repression”

  1. Oh, but repression is totally normal anyway, so what’s a little more on special occasions? Just sit back and enjoy the papal circus, hon.

  2. Look at the photo, which is just like numerous other photos from the exceedingly chummy visit of Cuba’s totalitarian despot to the Vatican. We’re talking about a well known, well documented, lonsgtanding, inveterate, godless and unrepentant evildoer, and it looks for all the world as if the pope has no discernible problem with that and thinks nothing of displaying an astonishing bemused complacency and unabashed cordiality to this abhorrent tyrant.

    Is it conceivable, let alone likely, that the pope could possibly fail to realize the enormity of such a scandal, not to mention the seriousness of such an affront to the tyrant’s victims? My initial answer was a resounding NO, in which case the pope would be inexcusable and utterly discredited, not to say abominable. However, he looks so comfortable, so at ease, so “natural” in his interaction with the dictator that one must allow for a different interpretation of his behavior. It may well be that he found such behavior normal because, for practically every major figure in the Latrine world, it IS normal, and we’ve certainly seen it displayed time and again, ad nauseam. And, of course, he is a product of that world and bound to be FAR more comfortable with it than we are, which is why he “understood” the grotesque heresy of Evo Morales’s Marxist crucifix and essentially both condoned and accepted it.

    Thus, he may have thought nothing of carrying on publicly in a way that we find loathsome and repulsive because he sees no real reason for us to be upset. It’s not just that “everybody else does it,” but that he may have bought into the widespread Latrine view of Castroite Cuba and Cubans, which is of course the view promoted by the Castro regime, so that any Cubans who’d object to his behavior would be dismissed as a marginal minority of retrograde malcontents or worse. The whole business remains appalling, but I’m afraid the man may really be THAT compromised in his understanding and reasoning. God help us.

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