Hola Jorge Ramos: Wait your turn!

For the record, I am not a supporter of Donald Trump.  His idea of deporting 11 million illegal immigrants is not workable and would throw the whole issue into the courts for a long time.

It would be better to deal with the illegal immigrants by enforcing workplace laws or eliminating the employment magnet that brings them here.    Furthermore, I’m willing to accept a path to legalization (not citizenship) for some, specially the kids who’ve grown up here.  Some of these youngsters are excelling in schools and want to serve in the US armed forces.

At the same time, I understand the anger about illegal immigration.   People are frustrated with the chaos, the costs and the violation of national sovereignty when people cross your borders and demand to be legalized.

Speaking of costs, National Review posted this:

“71 percent of illegal-alien headed households with children received some sort of welfare in 2009, compared with 39 percent of native-headed houses with children. Illegal immigrants generally access welfare programs through their U.S.-born children, to whom government assistance is guaranteed. Additionally, U.S.-born children of illegal aliens are entitled to American public schools, health care, and more, even though illegal-alien households rarely pay taxes.”

Do you understand now why people are angry?  They should be angry!

The US has every right to have immigration laws, as Mexico does.

What does Mexico do with illegal immigrants from Central America?  They deport them as most countries do!

Yesterday, Jorge Ramos did not show a lot of respect for journalism, his fellow journalists or the rest of us.

As you can see from the video, Jorge Ramos started making a speech as the news conference was getting underway.

Mr Trump asked Mr Ramos to wait his turn but he kept on talking.   So Mr Trump had Mr Ramos escorted out of the room.

For the record, Mr Ramos came back and got to ask lots of questions.

Mr Ramos could have avoided the whole thing by raising his hand and waiting his turn, like everybody else does.

Finally, Mr Ramos and others need to come to terms with the anger over illegal immigration.    It is not rooted on racism or anti-immigrant attitudes.    Instead, it is about the rule of law and respect for those of us who waited our turn to come legally into the country.


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