Tales from the normalization circus: Dissident artist “El Sexto” goes on hunger strike in prison

El Sexto
El Sexto

From Marti Noticias (my abridgment and translation):

Cuban graffiti artist Danilo Maldonado, known as “El Sexto”, who has been locked away in Valle Grande prison in Havana for over 8 months, has just told his mother that he is initiating a hunger strike to protest his incarceration.

Prison authorities had promised El Sexto’s family that he would be freed on August 24th.  When family members went to the Valle Grande prison, to pick him up,  they waited fruitlessly for several hours only to be told by an agent from the Office of Attention to Citizens that the prison had not received any order to release El Sexto.

“Danilo and all of his family are being subjected to psychological torture.  The authorities are all liars, and they are trampling (pisoteando) the Cuban people,” said El Sexto’s mother. “They abuse us all continually.”


El Sexto has yet to be charged with a crime and no trial date has ever been announced.

He was imprisoned eight months ago for painting the names “Fidel” and “Raul” on two pigs.

“The Voice Project” web site has launched a “Free Sexto” campaign.  Go here  for that.

So much for the normalization circus, which many ignorant people are calling “the thaw.”

El Sexto is only one of many Cubans arrested and jailed for purely political reasons AFTER the Obamazo of December 17.

A few days ago, on August 21, 2015, a kangaroo court convicted  two young activists Jordys Manuel Dosil Fong (age 30) and Reinier Rodriguez Mendoza (age37) of “pre-criminal social dangerousness”  and sentenced them to long prison terms, merely for posing a potential threat to the Castro regime. Jordys Manuel was received a three-year sentence and Renier a two-year sentence.

Dissident artists and musicians staged an underground protest concert last week for “El Sexto” that was attended by his friends and family, despite harassment and intimidation from the Castronoid authorities.

Click the image below to watch that concert.