Did “The Mob” really “run” Cuba in the 1950’s?


“Under the thuggish reign of US-backed Fulgencio Batista…the US mafia, having been dislodged from American cities by the crusading Kefauver committee, took over much of Havana, operating gambling rackets, drug rings, and prostitution.” (Boston Globe, May, 4, 2014.)

Actually: in 1955 Cuba contained a grand total of THREE gambling casinos, the biggest was at the Tropicana and featured ten gambling tables and thirty slot machines. The Hotel Nacional, featured seven roulette wheels and twenty-one slot machines. “By contrast, in 1955 the single Riviera Casino in Las Vegas featured twenty tables and one hundred and sixteen slot machines. This means that in 1955: ONE Las Vegas Casino had more gambling action than ALL of Cuba.

Cuba’s tourism industry as a whole generated $60 million in 1958. Havana by itself had 42 hotels. The Mob reputedly had financial in interest in 7 of these–and these didn’t include among them Cuba’s biggest hotel, the Habana Hilton. Instead the biggest hotel on the island was majority owned by the pension plan of the Cuban Federation of Gastronomic Food Workers. This fully-documented historical datum, needless to add, doesn’t mesh well with the fairy tale narrative about Cuba’s horribly exploited working class of the time, now does it?”

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“Everything I know about pre-Castro Cuba I learned from Godfather 2!” (Jon Stewart, long-hailed as the TOP news source for Americans under 40.)


Absolutely devastating. An enlightening and shocking read you’ll never forget.” (David Limbaugh on Fidel; Hollywood’s Favorite Tyrant.)

“Humberto Fontova is a gifted polemicist who pulls no punches. A great service for liberty, justice and truth.” (The Weekly Standard  on Fidel; Hollywood’s Favorite Tyrant.)




“More BOGUS stuff!” The reactionary author guest kept laughing at Soledad O’Brien –“In fact the U.S. HELPED put Castro in power. It’s documented by a former U.S. ambassador to Cuba “Everyone at the CIA and everyone at the State dept. was PRO-Castro,” he revealed!”

“Oye  señores! Pero la verdad que a este Fontova LE ENCANTA JODER!”