Cuba’s corrupt Catholic Church leadership denies refuge to Cuban dissidents, turns them over to Castro State Security

Are you still not convinced the leadership of Cuba’s Catholic Church is completely and diabolically corrupt? If so, ask yourself: What do you think Jesus would have done in this case?

Via Capitol Hill Cubans:

Church Denies Refuge to Cuban Dissidents, Allows Security Forces to Arrest Them

Five Cuban democracy activists took refuge in the Cathedral of San Rosendo, a Catholic entity in the eastern province of Pinar del Rio.

They issued a video message calling for the respect of human rights and freedom for the Cuban people.

The activists warn the international community, including the Obama Administration, that there has been no real change in Cuba.

Finally, they ask for the support of Pope Francis, prior to his upcoming to Cuba.

The activists are Caridad León Valladares, Leodán Suárez Quiñones, Carlos Alberto Rodríguez Seruto, Michael Valladares Cala and Daudi Ermelo Lago.

In a shameful display, Catholic officials allowed Castro’s secret police to enter and forcibly remove the activists from the Cathedral.

The Bishop, Jorge Enrique Cerpa, even called them “counter-revolutionaries.”

Their whereabouts remain unknown.

Watch their video message below (or here):

3 thoughts on “Cuba’s corrupt Catholic Church leadership denies refuge to Cuban dissidents, turns them over to Castro State Security”

  1. As the cardinal would say, those aren’t dissidents [just common criminals] and besides, they’re uncouth. Worse of all, that type of rabble is unable to understand the beauty of an opera or a ballet, so they won’t be able to appreciate the opera and ballet that were written for fidel and vilma.

  2. The exact same thing happened just before Ratzinger’s visit. Evidently, Ortega didn’t get into trouble with his superiors for doing it then, so one of his faithful subordinates is doing it again now. And by the way, Pinar del Rio is Cuba’s westernmost province, and the bishop there is named Serpa, not Cerpa.

  3. The Cuban dictator doesn’t have an iota of respect for Ortega, nor should he. In every picture I’ve seen of the two together, the tyrant practically oozes patronizing condescension–as in “I know exactly what you are, and that includes being my bitch.” This is a very far cry from Richelieu or Mazarin, but I suppose it’s par for the course: an abject fifth-rate prelate for an illegitimate despot and faux general who came from white trash with money and owes everything to crass nepotism. Even Batista could fake class better than these people. I mean, we might as well be Latrines.

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