Cuba: How democracies debase themselves legitimizing a tyranny

John Suarez in Notes from the Cuban Exile Quarter:

Cuba: How democracies debase themselves legitimizing a tyranny

The promises of change by the regime, until now, are nothing but another farce to try to gain time and consolidate oligarchic privileges. – Regis Iglesias
Regis Iglesias at the White House

Excerpt from “No changes on the horizon”  

By Regis Iglesias

No changes on the horizon, enthusiasts should well know the manner in which the mafia has carried out their businesses on the island for over half a century. Enthusiasts should know, as the Spanish know, that if a system does not demonstrate its willingness to recognize all the freedoms of citizens, to dialogue and respect popular sovereignty, there will not be a transition or changes.

The Christian Liberation Movement will mark 27 years on September 8th. Our approach has always been consistent: that Cubans be the ones to decide their own destiny. That a civilized and respectful dialogue prevail over the violence and hatred that from a position of power has been exercised over the people.

There can not be changes if the pacts are made behind the backs of the people. We hope that both Washington and Madrid not forget this. Do not forget that Cubans have been oppressed and continue to be oppressed, that the economic and military junta is trying to legitimize its continuity and to be recognized as an equal by democratic and civilized nations.

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