The honesty of “Castro-hating” embargo opponents (the case of Magda Montiel)


“Anti-Castroite” Magda Montiel en flagrante delicto in 1994. “She (Montiel) remembers the way he (Fidel Castro) smelled. Groomed and clean. No cologne, no cigars. Just soapy. His beard was soft.”

“She (Magda Montiel) says she is as anti-Castro as anyone but argues that a freer exchange between the two countries would flood Cuba with the kind of liberal ideas that would help destabilize the Castro regime.” (Magda Montiel, Nov. 1st 1992)


You know how it goes: “embargo” opponents all crave to shower Castro with dollars to demonstrate their scorn and detestation for Castro and to damage and doom his regime–while delighting in the softness of his beard. Those are some pretty SNEAKY and SLICK Castro-haters!

Me? I’d buy a used car from Oliver Stone or Harry Belafonte much faster than from Magda Montiel, Jeff Flake, Carlos Saladrigas, Wayne Smith, Phil Peters, Hillary Clinton, etc. The former are quite upfront about their Castro-love.They oppose the embargo for reasons obvious to any five year old.



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  1. Oh, I can believe Montiel’s anti-Castro–you know, like FIU posterperson Marifeli Pérez-Stable. But really, who or what is she? Nothing, except an exceedingly minor footnote in the story of our disgrace. Yes, the image of her smooching with Fifo is, uh, distasteful, but what about the visuals of the titular Vicar of Christ doing essentially the same thing with his successor? And if you think that was bad, wait till the papal visit to Cuba later this month and Don Francisco’s meeting with Nosferatu.

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