Trump “fine” with “concept” of Obama’s Cuba opening (but wants a “better deal.”)

(The Flip-Flop Twins? Has Trump “evolved” on Cuba to the same degree as his Miami host of 1999, Jorgito Mas Santos?)

Back on Aug. 18th when we posted Trump’s blistering “comecandela”-isms!!!) about Castro, the embargo, etc. to Cuban-American audiences in Miami circa Nov. 1999, we also added:

“Has El Trumpo changed his mind (i.e. “grown in office”?) We’ll see if (when?) he campaigns in Florida, wont we?…for what it’s worth, when Trump was expressing the above sentiments here was his Miami host, Jorgito Mas Santos–someone who has most certainly: “grown in office.”

“This is how Trump felt 15 years ago–when Cuban-American voters were pretty monolithic and held a pretty big hammer at national election time. Question is: does El Trumpo STILL feel this way? In the comments we posted a youtube of a very recent press conference were Trump said essentially the same thing that’s all over the news today. “I’m fine with it but we should have made a much stronger, a much better deal.”

Alas, the youtube has since been removed.

Here’s Trump on Cuba from today:

I think it’s fine. I think it’s fine, but we should have made a better deal. The concept of opening with Cuba is fine.”…..Trump’s campaign did not respond to a request from the Miami Herald for further details.

“He probably knows Rubio and Bush have him trumped in Florida anyway….nothing to lose.”

2 thoughts on “Trump “fine” with “concept” of Obama’s Cuba opening (but wants a “better deal.”)”

  1. Trump is a businessman. He is probably thinking that he as a developer can rake in billions building condominiums along el Malecon. He probably figures, if the Fanjuls, Jorgito Mas Canosa and other Cuban biliionaires that like Argentine-born Cuban mogul [I forget his name] can do business with Cuba and support Obama, why not I?

    Cuba is a fallen tree and like the saying goes, from a fallen tree, everyone takes firewood.

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