Aaaah! The beauty of normalization! Hillary’s law firm hosts investment-in-Castrogonia seminar


From Hillary Clinton’s lawyer and the same folks who brought us the Elian Gonzalez deal:
Learn how to pour dollars into the Castro regime’s Swiss bank accounts!
Learn how to get rich while funding repression!
Learn how to cut deals with the Castro mafia!
Learn what to do when things “go sour” (when you’re slapped with corruption charges for not greasing every palm extended to you)!
This is FOR REAL, not a parody, go HERE if you doubt it:
EV-15-33800_US-Cuba-Legal-Summit-Banner_600x150 (1)
With the newly opened borders of Cuba, many businesses are eager to enter the Cuban market, however experts warn that foreign investors will be looking for a functional legal system and a willingness to take disputes to international arbitration before they will invest big dollars in Cuba. 
Join general counsel, corporate executives, compliance officers and more as they gather for the inaugural U.S. – Cuba Legal Summit at The University Club of New York on December 1, 2015. The U.S. Cuba Legal Summit will provide a platform for U.S. in-house counsel to investigate the legal system in Cuba with a sharp eye to potential pluses and minuses when opening lines of communications.

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Topics to be discussed:
* Resolution of Outstanding U.S. Claims Against Cuban Entities
* Contract enforcement in Cuba
* Rules of ownership
* Recourse if something goes sour
* How much faith can you put in the Cuban judiciary?
* Doing Business in Cuba
* Working with Cuban government
* Are joint ventures the answer?
* U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act
* Changes to the Ability to Establish Financial Relationships with Cuba
* Update on Import Regulations with Cuba
* Update on Export Regulations with Cuba

*Seats are limited! 
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  1. And no, they don’t see anything wrong with this. Why would they, when it’s so PC, now more than ever? Why, we can’t keep living in the past, can we? Well, black Americans can, but that’s different, just like apartheid South Africa was different–WAY different. Cubans will be fine with vewy, VEWY slow change–you know, like China or Vietnam. And don’t pay any attention to “those people;” they’re always bitching and carrying on, as if anybody gave a shit. Really, some people need to get a clue.

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