Photo of the Day – What real ‘Hope and Change’ looks like in Cuba

For the past eight months we have gotten a good look at President Obama’s “hope and change” in Cuba. Since Obama announced his surrender to the apartheid Castro regime in December of last year, we have seen Cuba’s dictatorship emboldened, unleashing wave after wave of violent repression against Cuba’s peaceful human rights activists. Thousands of Cuban dissidents have been viciously beaten and arrested with nary a whimpering complaint from the White House.

But if you want to see what real Hope and Change looks like in Cuba, take a look at the photo below. Courageous human rights and democracy activists protesting in the streets of Cuba this past Sunday in the face of brutal repression and physical attacks by the State Security thugs of the Obama-backed Castro regime. Despite the violence they face daily and in spite of being unceremoniously abandoned by the U.S., these dissidents continue to bravely fight for freedom and liberty in Cuba. These are the true agents of real Hope and Change in Cuba.