Most Sacred Icon of the Papal Circus

Never mind the crucifix that is required at the celebration of any Mass.

In the case of the papal circus in Havana, two things matter the most:

Location, location, location……..and size.

Yes, Mildred, the medium IS the message.


Agnus Dei qui tollis peccata mundi, miserere nobis

4 thoughts on “Most Sacred Icon of the Papal Circus”

  1. If instead of Che’s effigy it were one representing Satan, it would amount to essentially the same thing, meaning either one or the other should be considered completely unacceptable as a backdrop for a papal mass. Since asking for the thing to be covered up was not going to work or to happen, the Vatican should have insisted on another location. Evidently, having Che looming over the pope was at least tacitly acceptable to him, which clearly sends a message bound to offend any decent Cuban, but it appears this is of less concern to the Vatican than having the pope photographed next to some transgender activists at the White House. We have a serious, uh, inconsistency here, and I’m afraid it’s QUITE serious.

  2. The pope, btw, may not be able to resist making some reference to Che during his homily, and if he does, you can be pretty sure it will not flout political (or Latrine) correctness (which even JPII did not do). In other words, you’ve been forewarned.

  3. And while it makes no real difference, even in this “stylized” rendering of Che’s visage, he still reminds me of an ape, just like most if not all of his photos.

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