Why do so many Popes visit Cuba? What’s the ‘freakin fascination?–CAN WE TALK?!

joan rivers

From the AP:

Francis is the third pontiff to visit Cuba in 17 years — a remarkable record for any country, much less one with such a small observantly Catholic community. Like the last two popes to visit Cuba, Francis has no meetings with dissidents.

An estimated 60 percent of Cuba’s 11 million people are baptized Catholic, the Church says, but fewer than 5 percent attend church, and a majority of Cubans are believed to follow Afro-Cuban religions.


“I mean…MORE POPES have recently visited Cuba–a nation with many more crypto-voodooists than Catholics– than have visited MEXICO! (with 97 million Catholics!) …CAN WE TALK?!

So in fact, the Popes’ motivation for visiting Cuba is no different from Beyonce’s, Conan O’Brien’s, Jack Nicholson’s, Oliver Stone’s, Penn’s, etc. etc. blah..blah..blah….


Just like Beyonce, Conan, etc….blah..blah the Popes get plenty of press and get to poke Uncle Sam in the eye. Recent Cuba-visiting Popes are no ‘freakin different from all those other publicity-hounding celebrity popinjays we love to bash here at Babalu…Asi que no JODAN!


2 thoughts on “Why do so many Popes visit Cuba? What’s the ‘freakin fascination?–CAN WE TALK?!”

  1. Humberto, its as if you ripped the thoughts straight out of my mind. I was casually talking to a friend about this the other day. What is the freaking fascination with Cuba? I agree with you, the Pope gets good press out of this, but don’t discard Cuba’s Goebbelian proganada machine that doesn’t stop churning day and night. I’m sure that Cuba’s propaganda ministry reaches out to world VIP’s in one way or another. For instance, my mother told me that the Pope himself said that Jaime Ortega worked ceaselessly to make this visit posible. With a docile and loyal lapdog as Vatican ambassador at his disposal, the castro brothers have it in their pocket. Then they have the lure of all of those confiscated church properties dangling in the face of the Pope. Promising that if he visits, they might open up a Catholic school [an unlikely prospect, but they hint at it anyway]. Also, unlike real Presidents of democratic countries that put the interests of their people and their nation first, the castro’s are mafiosos who only live for themselves. They don’t mind stopping the country, spending money on painting houses and repairing streets, and spending days attending to the Pope. In real countries like France, Germany and Spain, etc… the prime ministers of those countries don’t have the time to spend more than an hour with the Pope. They aren’t going to stop the country to attend to the Pope. They don’t need his presence in order to legitimize themselves. All of these pope visits are the antics of a pathetic banana republic run by a douchebag dictator with a lapdog of a cardinal doing his bidding.

  2. Since 1998, the Caribbean island of Cuba with 11 million people has had three papal visits, while only one other “Latin” country (gigantic Brazil, with 200 million people) has had that many, and none has had more. This makes no sense, on the face of it, but there must be a rationale for it, because papal visits are not casual or random events. Why, then? It seems exceedingly peculiar. Why such disproportionate interest in Cuba, whose Catholicism was never anything special, not even pre-Castro, as opposed to much bigger and more populous countries in the region? Obviously, this kind of “most favored nation” status for Cuba, which must be for a reason, certainly invites speculation.

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