142 Cubans from UNPACU arrested during pope’s visit

A Cuban dissident is prevented by security personnel from approaching the popemobile as Pope Francis arrives at Revolution Square in Havana on September 20, 2015. Pope Francis greeted massive crowds of fans and Catholic faithful Sunday as he arrived in his popemobile to give mass on Havana's iconic Revolution Square, the highlight of his trip to Cuba. The pontiff's eight-day tour will also take him to the United States. AFP PHOTO / JORGE BELTRANJORGE BELTRAN/AFP/Getty Images

Press release from UNPACU (Union Patriotica de Cuba / Cuban Patriotic Union):

Dear Fellow Concerned Citizen,

Please take account on this Press Release from UNPACU:

142 detainees from the UNPACU in the Pope’s visit to Cuba

Pope Francis declares after the trip that he did not know about any dissidents’ detentions
A Public video from UNIVISION reveals Pope Francis saw a violent detention of a dissident while talking with him.
The dissident identified himself and gave the Pope several dissidents’ letters on demand for Human Rights.


For the full press release and a list of the 142 arrested, go HERE

For further information, please contact:

José Daniel Ferrer, Executive Secretary of UNPACU (now in Havana). Telephones: (+53) 54 33 2181 / (+53) 58 02 3389 / (+53) 58 14 6606 / (+53) 53 14 6740 / (+53) 53 74 0544 / (+53) 58 32 3612

www.unpacu.org  email: info@unpacu.org


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